How “King Richard” was suspected of “breaking his wife’s ribs”

Tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams’ father (played by Will Smith in the new movie King Richard) were suspected of having broken his wife’s ribs, but protected him to protect his daughter’s career. Did.

A police report obtained by Sun from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Florida is with Richard. His then wife Orasen, Serena and VenusMom.


Will Smith plays a former tennis coach in the new movie “King Richard”Credit: Getty
Richard divorced Serena and Venus' mom Olasen in 2002.


Richard divorced Serena and Venus’ mom Olasen in 2002.Credit: Getty

Police officers were summoned at 2:34 pm on February 7, 1999, and Police Officer Larry Enstrom elaborated on how she met Richard’s wife at the Colombian hospital where she was being treated.

“When I arrived, I contacted hospital staff, who said a black woman named Olasen Williams had taken her to the ER to treat what appeared to be a battery,” he said. Is writing in the report.

“I talked to Williams, and in doing so I ran into passive resistance to the question I asked. Williams said he didn’t want to report information to the police, and he also said. Did not ask them for information.

“I explained to Williams that it is the duty of medical personnel to contact law enforcement agencies whenever domestic violence is suspected.

“At this point, I asked Williams what happened. She said she hurt her wrist. I asked her where this happened, and she had it on her. Said House [in Palm Beach Gardens]..

“When I asked what happened again, she said she had hurt herself. Then she said she had been hurt by someone, but she didn’t reveal. Identity of the perpetrator.. “

Enstrom explained that hospital officials claimed that Ms. Williams initially said the door handle hit her, but her injury “did not match that the door handle hit anyone on that part of the body. “.

Reportedly, Serena and Venus were with their mother in the hospital, claiming that they were “very evasive” to the police when asked separately and that the mother did not want to report the information. ..

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“I explained to my two daughters that domestic violence is a serious crime and needs to be checked, and both the perpetrator and the victim need help,” Enstrom continued. ..

“In my attempt to encourage my daughters to cooperate, Serena said she would have reported it to me if she saw anything, but Venus was silent, not her mother’s desire to say nothing more. Was. ”

Enstrom is the only other person living in this property other than his mother and her two daughters. Richard WilliamsBut Serena and Venus said he didn’t believe he was at home at the time.

“I talked to Williams again and urged her to speak openly about what happened. Williams told me,” You know what happened, but your daughter I’m afraid of my career, “he said. I wrote in the bomb report.

“The petitioner said, as both her daughter’s background and their name claim that this incident hurt them, and again I explained the cycle of domestic violence.

His wife was “terrifying”

“I strongly suspect that Mr. Williams was assaulted by his spouse and other family members, but he was obsessed with not talking to me anymore.”

The sun reached out to Williams family, Including Richard’s lawyer, asked for comment, but did not respond.

Enstrom officer said he offered her to refuse to prosecute the form she signed without hesitation after he explained it to her.

He gave her a case number and his information in case she changed her mind, claiming she would then call.

“At this time, Williams was discharged in a hurry and couldn’t detain her against her will, and she left,” he explained.

“Then I talked to Dr. Delaguela, who is attending the ER doctor at this facility.

“Dr. De La Gera said Williams had three rib fractures on the left side of her body, which doesn’t seem to be serious in nature.

“He also said he tried to see how these ribs broke and who did it, and encountered negative results.”

Police later visited Williams’ residence for further investigation, but reportedly left a parcel of domestic violence in the mailbox because Richard’s wife was not at home.

A few years later, National Enquirer After he was asked about assaulting his wife, he announced a denial from Richard.

He claimed that her injury was caused by a jet ski accident while he was in Chicago, saying, “So far, I’ve only proved to be a good husband, and I have a good wife. , I am a good father. “

But when a tabloid reporter asked about the injury, Olasen finally broke the silence and simply said, “I don’t jet ski.”

According to an article on thesmokinggun.com, Oracene, now 69, called 911 two years before the incident when she thought her husband might shoot herself with a pellet gun.

During that time, she was also allegedly given a “legal rights package for domestic violence.”

Previous 911 call

Meanwhile, Sabrina Williams, a half-sister of Serena and Venus, Blame the estranged father, 79, she claims to be portrayed as the saint of the new Will Smith movie, even though she went out to his first family.

“He thinks he’s the king of the world, but no one around him thinks he’s King Richard,” she told Sun. Exclusive interview.. “It’s a ridiculous title, but it’s actually perfect for him.

“He is not the king of the world. Psychologically looking at him, it is never achieved except in his head. He is only through his two daughters who have abandoned all the other children. I’m not alive.

“Honestly, those girls went up to the top while the other kids were suffering because of the choice my dad chose. After he left, we grew up in poverty. “

Richard Married Sabrina’s late mother Betty Johnson in Los Angeles in the early 1960s. 4 other children Together-Richard III, 56, Ronner, 55, Rels, 54, Renéeka, 49.

However, when Sabrina was eight, Richard allegedly abandoned his wife and five children. I told the girl I was going to buy a bike, but I never came back.

Richard then married Serena and Venus’ mother, Olasen, in 1980, but divorced in 2002.

He is currently undergoing a third divorce after marrying his much younger wife, Lakeisha Graham. He also accused him of bad behavior in a series of bomb court documents.

The police report was obtained by The Sun from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office in Florida.


The police report was obtained by The Sun from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.Credit: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
Olasen was little supportive when police asked her about her injury


Olasen was little supportive when police asked her about her injuryCredit: Getty
Police reported that he didn't want to talk for fear of affecting his daughter's career.


Police reported that he didn’t want to talk for fear of affecting his daughter’s career.Credit: Getty
Serena and Venus were in the hospital with their mother, but refused to talk to the police.


Serena and Venus were in the hospital with their mother, but refused to talk to the police.Credit: Mega Agency
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How “King Richard” was suspected of “breaking his wife’s ribs”

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