How do you beat Chelsea?Tottenham then tries to find the weaknesses of Thomas Tuchel’s formidable blues

When Nuno Espírito Santo sat down to plan Manchester City, he knew exactly what he wanted. The blueprint was clear. That didn’t mean it would be easy, but at least there were ideas to follow.

That’s not the case with Chelsea. Tottenham Hotspur’s manager is still thinking exactly how to approach Sunday’s match, showing one of the most interesting things of the European champion season.

No one has found a way yet.

This does not mean that Chelsea is invincible and superior to Citi and other types, but there is no identifiable pattern.

For example, the Pep Guardiola team has a very obvious glass jaw. Over 13 years of evidence prove this. Jose Mourinho explained it repeatedly.

The best way to approach the city is to sit deep and wait for the moment when the highline soars through the opening. It’s a percentage play, but it’s more successful than any other approach because of how sensational they are and how they can open you up to leave the plan in ruins.

There is none of that Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel is Guardiola’s disciple, but he does not follow him generously. He put his own theories and ideas on the concept of position play, and one of them is in the structure of the team.

They give up just a little behind that midfield. Most of the time there is a man. They cover the space very well.

In short, it never feels like a risk. Even if Artem Zubiya offered a great opportunity to Zenit St. Petersburg, it was even more striking because it was so rare. Chelsea beat Zenit 1-0 On Tuesday night at the Champions League group stage.

Lukaku joins Chelsea threat

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However, it is a mistake to describe this as defensive. Louis van Gaal was absolutely right in that widely published discussion he had last week, at least with respect to Chelsea. There are considerable differences between defense and structure, and between conservatism and control.

That’s what Chelsea is currently pretty much better than any other team: control.

You can see it in a one-on-one draw with Liverpool. The loss of players due to red cards only saw them become safer in order to claim more control.

In sharp contrast to Manchester United and the Young Boys, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side didn’t seem to have any control over him.

Norwegians have the potential to succeed at Old Trafford and are now more proven and successful coaches than Frank Lampard, but don’t wonder if United people are seeing certain similarities. It’s impossible. Lampard was fine until the final drop-off. Nonetheless, Chelsea abandoned him as a true elite manager and began to see the true potential of the team. Ronaldo’s signature could even prove that the 2020 Lampard spending was on Solskger, which raises expectations.

However, this is fictitious. Solskjaer could make it ridiculous by the end of the season. The difference is that Tuchel also proved himself. The way he won the Champions League through this tactical calculation was very impressive-even taking into account the strength of the Chelsea team-and since then they feel they have only taken another level. I am. They have that calculation and a guarantee of Romelu Lukaku’s goals. It’s quite a combination.

Nuno understands a considerable challenge.

It’s even more difficult given how unconvincing the Spurs were in the opening game and the confusion with Crystal Palace.

Nuno may need to come up with something more creative, but that doesn’t seem to be within his approach.

They may depend on the moment of individual brilliance. They may be particularly dependent on Harry Kane.

However, Chelsea can always rely on the controls that Tuchel’s structure allows.

How do you beat Chelsea?Tottenham then tries to find the weaknesses of Thomas Tuchel’s formidable blues

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