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How can Man City triumph in Europe?

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If you want to find any hint of European success for Man City then you need to look back. Way back. While the club has taken the domestic league by storm, it just can’t seem to muster the same form when it comes to European competitions. For the fans, they are too young to remember what European success looks like, but it is a different matter for the manager, Pep Guardiola.

Back in 2009 and 2011, Guardiola was in charge at Barcelona. It was at this time that he got a taste of what European success meant. However, it is a taste that he has been unable to recapture since this time. With the investment that Man City have made in terms of players, it becomes a slight mystery when trying to explain what can only be referred to as constant failures. Which way would your money go at sportsbet.io? Would you be looking at yet more failure or would you take a gamble and lay your money on success?

How 2021 is measuring up so far

For all the failures in the past, this season is looking a little different. Fans and pundits are all looking at Man city and pointing out that they are clear favourites to finally go all of the way under Guardiola and triumph in Europe. What’s different this time around? For one, Man City have asserted a dominance in the Premier League that they have never shown before. Yes, they have taken titles, but this year the team appear stronger than ever.

The other difference this year is that when you take a look at who is standing in Man City’s, there is literally no competition. The reigning champions, Bayern Munich, have hardly got off to a flying start to their campaign and there is little to suggest any major change in form.

Why does Europe matter so much?

Clubs have a near-obsession with European success. Yes, there is of course the financial rewards for the club that wins, but there is more to it than this. The status that goes with lifting the Champions League title is a dream of many players and they will happily transfer to clubs that will give them the greatest chance of doing this.

The truth is, winning here doesn’t take that much! Yes, there are the groups to contend with, but as soon as you have worked your way through these, there are just seven wins to go. Okay, so it may not be that simple but when you look at the intensity that goes into a Premier League campaign, the Champions League is just a walk in the park.

 The Guardiola factor

Asking how Man City can triumph in Europe is perhaps the wrong question to be asking. We should perhaps be looking at why Man City will, ultimately, find success. For Guardiola, the need to win in Europe is just that – a need. He has taken every other title that he can with Man City and it is victory in Europe that will see him complete his resume.


While this year may seem to be Guardiola’s best chance to succeed in Europe, this will not be his last. With a new contract being signed, Guardiola will be in post until at least 2023. There is little doubt that within this time Man City will be taking the Premier crown at least once more. The smart money would also be on victory in Europe – the time for Man City is now.

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