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How a lawyer can help you after a motor vehicle collision

There are many ways a car accident lawyer can help you after a motor vehicle collision. There is a good chance that you can be eligible for compensation to assist to cover lost income, medical expenses, and other expenses. However, some car accident victims who represent themselves accept settlements that are less than the full value of the claim. The at-fault driver’s insurer may not offer you a fair settlement unless the insurance company believes you are seriously pursuing it.

When a car accident attorney sees the specifics of your motor vehicle collision, they can explain your legal options and estimate the value of your claim. A lawyer can improve your chances of receiving a fair settlement and avoid the risks of getting less than you deserve. This article explains how a lawyer can help you after a motor vehicle collision.

Understanding of applicable laws

Many car accident victims are usually worried about their injuries and healing process rather than thinking about dealing with the legal process. But it can be hard to know all the legal options for pursuing a claim, especially if you don’t understand the law. Laws are there to govern people under a given situation, so they tend to be detailed and hard to interpret.

You need to find a lawyer with the right skills and experience in motor vehicle collisions. Besides, they should understand the law and apply it to your case. A good lawyer needs to investigate your motor vehicle collision and identify negligence on the other driver.

Remember that this is important in proving liability before the court of law or an insurance provider. It’s also crucial to know about the statute of limitations when it comes to filing a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit outside the required time frame can cause the dismissal of your case.

Communicating with the insurance company

After a motor vehicle collision that caused your injuries, your Car Accident Lawyer in Wilmington, NC can communicate with the insurer of the at-fault driver. Insurance adjusters usually try to find your contribution to the motor vehicle collision, so your lawyer must have a good relationship and communication with them.

This means your attorney can handle all communications with the insurer on your behalf. They can assist you to make a written statement or talk to the insurer over the phone to make sure that your words are recorded properly.

Motor vehicle collision victims who allow their attorneys to write or speak on their behalf can have better chances of getting a fair settlement. A lawyer usually brings a level playing field to give you a good shot at recovering from your injuries.

Insurance companies are like any other business, so they are there to make profits. Their work gets easier when they have to decide how much they want to pay for your claim. But when you secure a lawyer, things get hard for the insurance companies. Once an insurer decides to put its interest ahead of its client’s needs, a good lawyer can file a lawsuit to get what is rightfully yours.

Negotiating for a fair settlement is one of the key elements in a motor vehicle collision case. A good attorney needs to value your settlement correctly. When you know the exact amount of your claim, you can handle the long and hard process of recovery.

Gathering evidence of liability

A good attorney can help you gather all the car accident evidence required to prove liability in a motor vehicle collision claim. You may have taken some pictures of the accident scene, but your attorney can still go back to the accident scene to see for themselves what it looks like. After all, seeing the accident scene themselves can give your attorney some things you may have missed.

Therefore, your attorney can make sure that they get the accident or police report of the accident. They can also talk to the witnesses and police officers. A reputable attorney can work hard when it comes to gathering the necessary evidence of liability.

Gathering evidence of damages

Gathering evidence of damages is important for your case, especially if you sustained serious motor vehicle collision injuries. It’s necessary to get all documentation associated with your injuries.

But it is sometimes hard to get your hands on these bills and records from your healthcare provider. These records are yours and you have every right to access them. Unfortunately, it’s not a top priority for health care providers to send medical records to lawyers and patients.

Some doctors may also not have the time or staffing to respond to requests for these medical records. Large hospitals can have some procedures that you need to follow to get the medical records. If you fail to follow these procedures, there are good chances that they may not respond to your request.

Even when the health care provider decides to respond to your records, you may receive incomplete records. No wonder, many attorneys tend to request these medical records several times and even make many follow-ups to access them.

Worse still, it can turn out that your doctor didn’t include causation, prognosis, or disability in their notes. It’s worth noting that you need complete medical evidence to prove liability in any personal injury claim.

Hence, your medical report should indicate the type of injury or physical limitation that was caused by the negligence of the party at fault. But many physicians usually don’t say the cause and extent of the injuries or disability in the medical records. In such cases, your attorney can request a special letter from your doctor. This letter explains the opinion of your doctor on what may have led to your injury or disability during the motor vehicle collision.

Your doctor can also explain if the injury or disability may hinder you from working for a specific period. As you can see, you need the services of a good attorney after a motor vehicle collision so that they can help you to receive a fair settlement.

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