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“For me, it’s real,” Lady Gaga told Sky News. “I have a lot of experience in my life, including the traumatic experience I used to play Patrizia.”

The star talks about Patrizia Regiani, a celebrity in Italian social circles who was convicted of hiring a hitman to assassinate her ex-husband and fashion powerhouse Maurizio Gucci, who is playing with her new. Is House of Gucci Movie-Currently making headlines like that Stars take part in premier and promotional events in a variety of great outfits In the world.

Two days after the UK premiere of the movie, I was waiting to talk to her in Zoom’s virtual waiting room. The stars are running “a little late” (40 minutes), but it’s hard to complain if the reason is due to a change of clothing.this is Lady Gaga, in the end.

Adam Driver will star in the movie as Maurizio Gucci with Gaga. Photo: Fabio Lovino / MGM

She sounds tired when she appears on my screen in a pastel blue suit, but she is happy to round with a journalist to talk about a movie based on a family-owned true story. Insist on Gucci Fashion Empire. “I can’t wait for the world to see it,” she says. “We had the worst 18 months. It’s time for the world to get together and watch a movie!”

It’s been more than 10 years since Stephanie Germanotta gained fame as Lady Gaga and almost instantly made her name as one of the world’s largest and most eccentric pop stars, firing hits one after another. I did. From Just Dance and Poker Face to Paparazzi and Bad Romance, Alejandro and Born This Way.

Since then, she has proved that her bow has more strings, including her talent as an actress. In 2018, she won critic acclaim at A Star Is Born, performed live and emotionally, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress the following year (and won the Best Original Song Award). ).

When she talks about the House of Gucci on the other side of Adam Driver, it’s clear that Legiani is one of her most emotionally challenging roles to date. “I was very broken at the end,” she says. “When I talk about this movie, I feel like I remember the technique of the process of making this movie every day.”

Of course, Lady Gaga has a reputation for taking what she does seriously (it’s a bit nervous to walk on the red carpet in a meat dress), and House of Gucci is method acting. Was adopted.

“I had a personality for the six months leading up to the film, and for the three and a half months I filmed. I spent a lot of time talking to my family and everyone, starting with Accent. Speaking naturally. My life learning how [the Italian] Add an accent without driving the acting. “

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Lady Gaga leads the star on the red carpet of the House of Gucci

It didn’t move your family a bit … are you angry? For the time being, please.

She laughs. “I think my mom really liked it. Since I was little, she has always embraced this artistic side of me. My dad will laugh. Of course, I I’ve captivated some people, but you know, I’m like a kid with art, and I love to immerse myself in myself. “

Lady Gaga is so serious about this role that when I envy her imagination, she wants to emphasize that what’s on the screen isn’t fully functional.Previously owned singer Talked about being raped by a male music producer When she was 19, she told me that she had instructed the trauma of the past to make her role a reality.

“I really think it’s the same as everyone else,” she says. “I’m certainly imagining. I’m certainly creative. But I think the imagination comes from the real place. That’s the way you choose to integrate yourself.

“Given my real-life experience, I’ve had a lot of life experiences, such as the traumatic experiences I’ve drawn to play Patrizia. It’s not always imaginative, that is, I’m.” M Call yourself. Now it may be imaginative for you. You might look at it and say, “It looks like you have the imagination,” but to me it’s not the imagination, it’s the real thing. “

The star says the film reflected her Italian-American heritage. Photo: Fabio Lovino / MGM

Gaga says the film (mainly set in Italy) looks back on the roots of Italian-Americans and how far they have come since they started their careers. “I’m really grateful … my family worked hard on the soil we filmed so that we could live a better life, and here I’m Ridley Scott’s I’m in a movie, “she says.

When the costumes and wigs are removed, the singer certainly gives the filmmaker’s latest work the same grip.

“I felt empowered and loved, mostly like a woman with a man,” she says. “He is an absolute legend and familiar with his work. His process is like an architect and he describes the script as a blueprint.”

And about the fact that the script is based on the actual event …

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She laughs: “It would be a very understated expression to say that Gucci was complicated. It’s amazing that you say something like” I can’t make up for this. ” The truth of this whole story is that you see it and you can’t really believe it is true. “

Regiani, now in prison, was convicted in 1998 for hiring a hitman to kill her husband.

“I’m not interested in trying to claim why this happened,” Gaga says. “I don’t think this should have happened, it’s blamed and scary … When this murder happened, she was so traumatized, so hurt, terrible, and made a terrible mistake that she deeply regrets.”

Was the emotional fatigue that Lady Gaga suffered worth displaying the story of Regiani on the screen? Audiences will know when the House of Gucci will be screened at the cinema on November 26th.

House of Gucci: Lady Gaga drawn from real-life trauma to play Patrizia Regiani | Ent & Arts News

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