Holly Willowby will be missing from this morning on the second day as Josie Gibson fills in.

Holly Willow Bee She revealed she wouldn’t come back this morning Sofa next to Phillips scofield She’s still sick, so today, November 17th.

Fellow presenter Josie Gibson, 36, Stepped in to save the day On Tuesday after Philip, 59, announced that Holly, 40, got sick from a tummy bug.

At the time, he told viewers, “Holly isn’t here today because of a bug in her tummy. There’s nothing more so she’ll be back here tomorrow.”

However, the beauty of blonde hair seems to be absent for two consecutive days as she took her to Instagram talk to praise Josie for burying her for her.

Holly Willow Bee has been missing since this morning for two consecutive days

Holly praised Josie for “saving the day”

Josie is filling in for Holly again

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Holly shared a snap of Josie with pink lips engraved on her black top and a crown emoji on her head, telling 7.4 million followers: dream!

“… I’ll be back as soon as I’m no longer afraid to vomit with @ schofe,” followed by the sick emoji.

Yesterday, Philip and Josie revealed that she was in the process of filming a competitive segment of the show at Sally when she received a call that she needed in the studio instead.

Josie Gibson announced Tuesday with Philip

Former Big Brother Star joked that when asked to represent Holly, he thought the show’s producer had obtained the wrong number.

“I couldn’t believe it, I thought they had the wrong number Phil,” Josie explained. “What a surreal. I grew up watching the show and now I’m sitting beside you. You see, I was thrown into the deepest part, but I have the best armband on the planet.”

Later, Josie shared how a former guest of the program shared her predictions that this would happen.

Former guest Margaret this morning said he would call Josie

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Margaret, 80, a widow from Devon, first called the show in November 2020 to express the feeling of isolation after the death of his dog Teddy and to go for a walk with someone on Christmas day. I told you to give something.

After that, Josie visited Margaret and spent the weekend together. I’ve been in touch since then.

Recently a star, She said she dropped three dress sizes to suit her son. Explained to Philip: “I don’t know if I remember Margaret. She was on our show and was lonely and we went for a walk.

Josie laughed at Margaret’s prophecy, but it came true

“I’m always checking in to her, so I always called her to find out what she was doing, and last night I called her to find out what she was doing.”

Philip asked: “So are you still in touch?” Josie replied: “Yeah! Margaret is a very nice character, very nice and has a very good show, so I called her last night. Do you know what she said?”

Josie continued: “She said,’Josie, you know I’m pretty spiritual.’ She said,” You’ve got a call and I’m going to give a presentation this morning. ” , I laughed like a drain. It was last night and this morning I got a call. “

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Holly Willowby will be missing from this morning on the second day as Josie Gibson fills in.

Source link Holly Willowby will be missing from this morning on the second day as Josie Gibson fills in.

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