Holly Willowby wants to enter the next stage of life “without fear” when talking about menopause.

Holly Willow Bee Part of ITV’s This Morning opened her feelings to enter the next stage of her life.

40 year old person Wearing a gorgeous polka dot shirt and leather skirt at the show, 49-year-old Lisa Snowdon, who received the first symptoms of menopause at the age of 42, talked with TV presenter Lisa Snowdon about experiencing menopause.

Holly introduced her in the program, saying, “Lisa is 50th and 23rd birthdays this month, so take me here. Happy birthday, 42 when I first started. I was old … “

Holly Willowby has opened the fear of entering the menopause

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“About eight years ago,” Lisa replied, as Holly continued. “About eight years ago, I’m sitting here like a sponge. This is the next stage in my life.

“I want to work on this without fear. I think the best way to do that is to listen to other women, listen to them, educate and learn about themselves.”

Holly added: “So I want to hear your story and your symptoms at that time.”

Lisa’s perimenopausal symptoms began at age 42

Lisa then explained: I was completely in the dark because I was mentioned about menopause or menopause.

“I thought it would probably happen years in the future. In retrospect, I think the first symptoms were this depression and anxiety. This completely uncontrollable sensation. I couldn’t usually do it. I felt so strange that I couldn’t handle it. “

Holly recently She revealed that she smuggled liquor to the Dancing on Ice 2021 final, I also used her Instagram feed to talk about menopause.

Holly said she wanted to know more about menopause.

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She shares a snap outfit and tells 7.5 million followers:

“This is what we feel very passionate about at @ thismorning and we hope to help, educate, learn and listen together this year …

“Today @ lisa_snowdon is talking about her own personal experience about this …”

Holly said menopause is coming to her “next stage of life”

Holly, the mother of the children of Harry (12 years old), Bell (10 years old) and Chester (7 years old), added: I think knowledge is the key … see you at 10am. Followed by a red heart emoji.

As one wrote, fans immediately praised the star for her honesty: “This is great. I just took some friends about this. It was really hard. I wish I had been told earlier, but I know I’m not angry. “

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Holly Willowby wants to enter the next stage of life "without fear" when talking about menopause.

Source link Holly Willowby wants to enter the next stage of life "without fear" when talking about menopause.

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