Holly Willowby says she “loved” all three of her labors: “It’s magic.”

Holly Willow Bee Has carved out past births with all three children, and despite struggling during labor, the presenter claimed that she “loved” each one.

Three 40-year-old mothers shared her experience at a dismorning on Monday. She also showed viewers a hilarious way to eat cupcakes, When she chatted with a co-host Philip Schofield, 59.

The three mothers have declared that childbirth is truly “magical” and admit that they may be jealous of the woman they are trying to experience.

The star hosted a call-in with Phil when she screamed in response to one viewer who revealed that she was preparing to give birth to her first baby during Christmas.

“I can just say, really enjoy it!” Holly smiled and encouraged as she sat in a dark purple fitted top and berry-colored sequined skirt for the show. rice field.

Holly Willowby talked about having three kids this Monday

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“When it’s your first time, you know you’re always pretty nervous about what it will be and if it’s all okay.”

Holly shares her son Harry (12), daughter Bell (10), and little boy Chester (7) with her husband Dan Baldwin (46) and a television producer.

The couple met in 2006 and married just a year later at the majestic Amberley Castle in West Sussex.

Holly goes on to say: “I loved all three labors. They were all completely different and some weren’t simple, but I really enjoyed them.

Holly Willowby shares one daughter with her husband, Dan Baldwin, with two sons.

“What’s going on is really magical and special,” added fashion brand ambassadors. “And I’m really jealous of anyone trying to give birth because it’s the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Choosing a blue tartan shirt and staring at a longtime friend during the call-in, Phil agreed and smiled, remembering how much Holly loved her pregnancy.

Holly is always careful to keep children’s photos to a minimum and hide their identities.

Holly Willowby said she loved all three of her labors

In an interview earlier this year, the star made her decision to keep them out of the limelight. She explained that by sharing only one image of their face, they are “there” and cannot be regained.

Holly, creator of the Wylde Moon lifestyle brand, added that sharing images of children recognizes that they will be “consumed by everyone.”

When she was pregnant with Bell, Holly revealed that she was suffering from a migraine at that time, later explaining that it was due to anemia. She gave birth a month early, but unfortunately she was forced to deliver as much as 50 hours.

Holly continued to work until the end of her pregnancy in Chester and took maternity leave two weeks before giving birth.

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Holly Willowby says she "loved" all three of her labors: "It's magic."

Source link Holly Willowby says she "loved" all three of her labors: "It's magic."

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