Holly Willowby says in a post about “The New Beginning” that “it may be time to press pause.”

Presenter Holly Willow Bee She posted a mysterious message on Instagram before returning to this morning..

Holly, 40, posted a message with a photo on the cover of her book.

The three mothers wrote in Snap:

“You are your only constant … you will know who you really are, what you like, what your passion is.”

In response to this usual humor, celebrity companion Keith Lemon wrote:

Holly Willloughby added a mysterious message to a post promoting her book

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Fans immediately commented on how much they enjoyed the book.

“Thank you for making me realize that focusing on myself is exactly what I need,” said one fan.

Another added: “When I read, I can be involved in so many elements. Thank you for providing a new perspective on Guilt & Anger.”

Third comment: “Thank you for the beautiful words. It’s very exciting! Thanks to your gorgeous book, I feel like I’m celebrating the New Year with great headspace on my right foot.”

Holly back in this morning When Philip Scofield Today, Monday, January 10th, it is reported that she will take another break from the couch as soon as she is told she was given. Vacation to work at BBC, Co-sponsored Wim Hof’s Superstar Survival with comedian Lee Mack.

Holly Willow Bee looks great this morning in a green floral dress
Holly Willowby is back this morning after her Christmas holidays

Holly has a busy schedule as she will fly to Southern Europe on January 17th and return to the UK on the weekend to host the Dancing on Ice with Philip.

This isn’t the first time Holly has spread her wings to take on a job without Philip on her side.

In 2018, she co-sponsored I’m A Celebrity … After Ant McPartlin took a break to recover from alcohol and drug addiction, she co-sponsored GetMe Out of Here with Declan Donnelly.

Sources said Sun: “Holly loved me so much that I was a celebrity, so she was confident that she would beat herself and do a more mainstream solo TV project.

Holly enjoyed a co-presentation of I'm A Celeb in 2018
Holly enjoyed a co-presentation of I’m A Celeb in 2018

Holly looks very happy to slide down the hill
Holly looks very happy to slide down the hill

“Holly did a great job for Ant and was one of the highlights of the show that year.

“She has a high career ambition and is starting this year to mean she will continue.

“But she absolutely loves the on-screen partnership with Philip this morning, so she won’t go anywhere in the long run. She gives the ITV boss the freedom to do her project. Thank you for that. “

In the spirit of winter sports, Holly sledding on a snowy hill with the caption “I’m getting ready for an icy January … I’m ready for you.” After being seen soaking.

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Holly Willowby says in a post about "The New Beginning" that "it may be time to press pause."

Source link Holly Willowby says in a post about "The New Beginning" that "it may be time to press pause."

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