Holly Willowby remembers her first husband, Dan: “I was in love with him.”

Holly Willow Bee During an interview to promote her new book, she provided unusual insights into her marriage to her husband, Dan Baldwin.

40-year-old presenter appears Loose female On Thursday we promoted her new book Reflection, discussing the early days of their relationship and revealing that they had met as friends for three months before starting a romantic relationship.

Holly talked about her surprise that she suddenly realized she had fantasized about her friend after they started a fierce friendship.

The star explained: , I fancy him, I fancy my friend! “

Holly Willoughby and her husband, Dan Baldwin, have been married since 2007 after meeting in 2004.

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“It surprised me, and I thought,” Oh God, what happened? ” And that relationship continued. And when I think about it later, I think I was in love with him. I think that was its strength, but I wasn’t always aware of it. “

She said when Holly was asked if she still thought Dan was her best friend. He knows me better than anyone, he is my absolute support. He gives the best advice to everyone. He has that strength and moral fiber, so I always go past him to check and run everything. “

Television producers Holly and Dan have been married for 14 years and have three children: Harry (12), Bell (10) and Chester (7).

While taking a promotional tour of her new book last year, Holly gave more insight into their relationship.

Holly with her husband Dan in 2016
Holly with her husband Dan in 2016

Holly talked about the couple’s discussion, “When I was watching something on TV, my husband suddenly asked,” Why are you watching this s ***? ” It will be balanced. I’m angry about it.

“But in reality, I’m angry because I unknowingly feel like someone is trying to control what I’m doing.

“My husband never tries to control me, but I’m getting a really strong reaction, so maybe I’m worried about controlling my life. Maybe that’s what I’m still doing. It’s a sign that we need to tackle control issues. “

In another interview with Hart FM’s Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston, the star, who became famous for children’s television, also talked about how lucky Dan was by his side.

Holly Willowby has been married to her husband, Dan Baldwin, for 13 years.
Holly Willowby and her husband Dan got married in 2007

Talking about the inspiration behind her new book Reflections, Holly explained:

“I have reached this stage of my life. I have a really nice life. I love my husband. I fantasize about my husband. I have a wonderful child.”

But she continued to realize that she needed to make more time for herself and her own interests.

Holly continued. “I am very fortunate in many ways, but something is missing.”

“I couldn’t figure out what it was, and finally looking inward, I went a kind’God, that’s me! I’m missing!”

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Holly Willowby remembers her first husband, Dan: "I was in love with him."

Source link Holly Willowby remembers her first husband, Dan: "I was in love with him."

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