Holly Willoughby raised concerns as Alison Hammond missed this morning on behalf of the star

Holly Willow Bee went missing after Wednesday’s dismorning, causing concern among fans.

The 39-year-old is absent from ITV shows and usually appears with BFF and co-host Phillip Schofield.

Alison Hammond announced the show with Phil on behalf of Holly, and when the show began, she said, “She enjoys a natural holiday, so I’m acting for Holly today.” ..

However, fans used social media to express concern about why Holly missed the show and told viewers on Tuesday that she would play the “guess gadget” segment on Wednesday’s show. Did.

Alison Hammond hosted the show on behalf of Holly

One fan wrote: “I hope Holly is okay, but yesterday he seemed very excited to guess the gadget, isn’t it turned on now? #ThisMorning.”

Another fan speculated, “Is Holly just taking a break? Nothing is here.”

The third viewer commented: “I don’t think it’s a scheduled holiday, as Holly said yesterday to play gadgets.”

Alison told viewers that Holly was having a “natural holiday.”

The fourth said, “Holly can’t just be having a” natural holiday. ” Yesterday Phil and Holly were playing with guessing gadgets tomorrow, so something happened. ”

Holly, the three mothers, didn’t mention a break from Dis Morning on Instagram, but announced a great Christmas decoration the night before.

On Tuesday night, the star gave fans a rare glance in front of her house after decorating the house for Christmas.

Holly was absent from the show on Wednesday

Holly was an early festive installation with an impressive installation surrounding the front door of a £ 3m home in western London.

Holly, with its oversized white boring leaves and leaves full of pine cones, ferns and red holly nuts, was clearly pleased with the change.

Holly took a close-up selfie with some of the decorations to hide the location of the house and wrote a sweet message with the lyrics “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” along with a snap.

Holly Willow Bee peeked at the Christmas decorations on her front door

Holly invited a team from Early Hours London to design an impressive Christmas door for Holly’s western London home.

“For years, we’ve always been together. If fate allows. Hang a shining star on the best branch … The most beautiful door display by @ earlyhoursltd.”

The Early Hours team shared different angles of pen-written decorations attached to captions. “The team of early-hours elves took great pleasure today to celebrate the beautiful house of the lovely @hollywilloughby. Snowy landscapes with foliage and white glowing boring things in the frosty season.”

Millions of TV presenters are quite private about the house they share with their husband Dan Baldwin and his three children Harry (11), Bell (9) and Chester (Chester), so Holly’s You can rarely peek into a luxurious home. Five.

Holly Willoughby raised concerns as Alison Hammond missed this morning on behalf of the star

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