Holly Willoughby misses this morning on the third day when Josie Gibson steps in

Holly Willow Bee Set to miss this morning On the third day, Hoshi revealed that she was still sick.

Holly, 40, shared an image of the cat Bluebell on Instagram Thursday morning with a caption explaining how to do it to 7.4 million fans. She is still poor And you can’t do yet another show.

The social media post states: “Good morning … my name is Bluebell. Unfortunately, Holly can’t play @thismorning today because the weather isn’t good yet. You don’t want her there …

“I’m sure she’ll be back on Monday … Honestly, I’m sick of her!”

Josie Gibson (36) will intervene to announce the show for the past two days and will host the third show with Philip (59) this week.

Holly revealed that she will miss this morning on the third day because she shared a photo of her cat.

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Holly fans and pet lovers shared their love and support by commenting on her post.

A cat friend wrote: “Holly gets well soon. Bluebell takes care of the mummy. Xxx.”

One viewer provided Bluebell with medical advice and wrote:

“I’m sure you’re watching everything carefully and managing everything. Tell her to stay hydrated, rest, and get well soon. And to Bluebell, the duck. Let’s read it. “

Holly Willow Bee is sick with a tummy bug

Josie Gibson will replace Holly Willowby again this morning

Fans of the ITV morning show learned that Josie would be attending the Thursday morning ritual in a pre-recorded clip released Wednesday. Baskin. “

Participating, Philip said: “And a man who claims to have the largest penis in the world joins. At 10 o’clock.”

Feeling the pressure to host the main show, Josie said it was an “honor” to sit by Philip and thanked fans of the ITV program for their kind words and gratitude.

She also admitted that she made a “quiet cry” after successfully hosting the show for the first time.

Josie is popular with viewers

Philip said he kept track of his fans and checked in to Holly on a regular basis, saying, “I was sending a text message to Holly all afternoon yesterday.

“It’s a tummy bug that’s everywhere, it’s obviously only two days-she lost her appetite, so it’s a shame she won’t get it because she’ll get great food later!”

Holly Willoughby misses this morning on the third day when Josie Gibson steps in

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