Holly Willoughby is wrapped in a hat and coat when going for a walk after missing this morning with a sick bug

Holly Willowby enjoyed a fresh winter walk to blow away the spider web after being kicked off the screen due to illness.

NS this morning Handed over reign to host, 40, former Big Brother Star Josie Gibson, 36, after being attacked by a tummy bug three days..


Holly Willowby was found on a winter walk after quitting work due to illnessCredit: No credit


ITV Anchor took a break from her role this morning for three days due to a tummy bugCredit: Rex

ITV darling Holly With the help of Her cat bluebell To keep her fans up to date with her no-show, I’ve added a photo of the little girl and the following captions: “good morning…

“My name is Bluebell. Unfortunately, Holly can’t play @thismorning today because the weather isn’t good yet. Seriously, what I’ve witnessed in the last 48 hours is that she wants to be there. There is no …

“I’m sure she’ll be back on Monday … Honestly, I’m sick of her!”

Still, the three mothers seem to feel bright around the corner after being found walking with a female friend.

Holly tried to wrap it in a white fluffy bobble hat and a black blowfish jacket that fell just above her knees.

She tried to stay snug with dark leggings, thick gray socks, and thick boots.

She covered her face with sunglasses on and saw her wandering around in her pocket to unlock the key.

This morning’s viewers said that Josie’s stint was her friendly nature. Emotional display..

Stop fear

Still, some ITV viewers believed that Holly’s absence was a sign of something else.

They weren’t too convinced that she simply found the bug and took her to Twitter to guess her absence.

One wrote: “Apparently Holly is leaving to pursue something else …”

Second addition: “Holly turns off again, it must be more than a tummy bug. #ThisMorning Face with RollingEyes.”

While one-third wrote, “So Holly is still poor …? I’ve heard this story before … #ThisMorning Rolling on the floor and laughing.”

Fans also said Holly was busy posting about her other venture, her site Wylde Moon, even though she was ill and couldn’t announce.

Earlier this year, Sun revealed how Holly was trapped in a secret crisis negotiation with ITV about her future at the show.

Popular presenter continues the war with her former management company Those who are requesting an estimated £ 200,000 for Star’s new ITV daytime trading.

One source said at the time, “She loves this morning and really doesn’t want to leave. She’s working hard on the show, but she has no choice but to discuss future options.

“She wants to stand up for women and will not overthrow when it comes to unfair renegotiations.

“She talked to ITV executives and explained the situation. In essence, she said it was better to leave the show than to have YMU take away a high percentage of her income.

“Obviously she loves Philip and ITV keeps her from going anywhere, so they take every step to ensure that this is resolved as friendly as possible. There. “


Holly was wrapped in a white bobble hat and a black blowfish jacketCredit: No credit


Holly’s successor, Josie Gibson, was loved by fans a lot.Credit: Rex


Some fans believed that Holly’s absence had a mysterious motive as he continued to promote the Wild Moon brand.Credit: INSTAGRAM / HOLLY WILLOUGHBY
Holly Willowby misses the third day of the morning and is replaced by Josie Gibson again

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Holly Willoughby is wrapped in a hat and coat when going for a walk after missing this morning with a sick bug

Source link Holly Willoughby is wrapped in a hat and coat when going for a walk after missing this morning with a sick bug

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