Holly Ramsey admits that she feels “lonely” without alcohol after a year of sober celebrations.

Holly Ramsey revealed that she feels “lonely” without alcohol, despite a year of sober celebrations.

Holly, the daughter of a TV chef Gordon RamsayUsing her Instagram story, I did a Q & A with 287k followers and said, “Please wait.”

One fan asked a 22-year-old star, “How important is it to cut alcohol when you are suffering from mental health every day?”

Holly first acknowledged this question as follows: “This is not the answer to” one size for everything “…”

She then replied: “For me, reducing alcohol has made me much more present, more enjoyable, and more controllable.”

Holly spoke openly about quitting alcohol

She continued. “Alcohol and antidepressants do not mix well. I put physical and mental health first.”

Reality stars who admit not to drink alcohol can be “lonely”, especially for young people.

She states: “It may be lonely not to drink, especially at this age, as it is a very large part of our social life. With them.”

Another fan shared with the star that they found things difficult. They said: “How are you doing mentally? To be honest, I’m having a hard time.”

Holly spoke openly about feeling “lonely” without alcohol

Holly immediately shared a reassuring word.

She replied: “I think I’m in the best place mentally and feel myself more than years ago.”

She continued: “(This requires a lot of work and is not easy, so do it yourself.)”

The beauty of blonde hair ended with “Send love to those who need it.”

Early this month Holly celebrated her 22nd birthday with Papa Gordon and the rest of the family on a trip to the Maldives Because she marked the year soberly.

Holly provided advice to fans

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The star, who showed off her gorgeous appearance in a bikini and shared a happy day with her fans on the Instagram page, was smiling.

The star was able to get a glimpse of her world with the famous chef’s dad. She posed on a balcony overlooking the stunning background of the private beach and the hot tub behind her.

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Holly said in last year’s statement The decision to abandon alcohol was not a light decision, and it was not necessarily a permanent lifestyle change.

“Today is a year without alcohol,” her statement began. “I didn’t expect to say this when I was 21, but by the time I was 21, I didn’t think I had achieved half of myself.”

Holly continued: “I choose to take a break from alcohol because it didn’t improve my mental health-it comes first for me.”

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Holly Ramsey admits that she feels "lonely" without alcohol after a year of sober celebrations.

Source link Holly Ramsey admits that she feels "lonely" without alcohol after a year of sober celebrations.

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