Holidaymakers complain of “confusion” at Heathrow and Stansted airports on the busiest weekend of the year

Travelers are complaining about the long queues and “total turmoil” UK airports experiencing the busiest weekends of the year.

Passengers Heathrow Stansted Airport claims that there was a long delay due to school closures and millions of summer vacations.

Many passengers returning from countries on the amber list remained frustrated after missing pre-booked taxis and coaches, Sun reports.

They claimed that they had to wait three hours after the e-gate broke down, further slowing down the process.

Violinist Fiona Brett, who travels to Frankfurt with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, said she had to queue for two hours to check in for a flight from London Heathrow on Saturday morning.

Ms. Brett of Watlington, Oxfordshire checked in online, but added that she had to show her staff a Covid vaccination certificate and that “total confusion” delayed her flight at 9:30 am.

“They were always calling people out of line for the next flight to close.

“Actually, it would have been better to get up at 8.30 and be called from the back to the front of the queue. It’s completely confusing.

“When I finally checked in (15 minutes after the flight should have closed), there was no security queue and there was virtually no airside in the terminal.

“I think the queue wasn’t caused by too many people, but because the airline had to do all the additional checks before it could check in properly.”

Some passengers suffered further delays due to the lack of the London Underground from Heathrow Airport Terminal on weekends due to engineering work. This means that we had to use an alternative bus service to Hammersmith.

Heathrow and Stansted Airport I For comments.

Other passengers used social media to complain about the London Stansted Airport procession, and one described the scene as “chaotic.”

Twitter user Dr. Robert Baunsbak Coull said: £ superspreader £ covid 19. “

Another Twitter user, Lily McMyn, posted images of a large number of people, adding “STN-Airport shock, turmoil, turmoil.”

Heathrow Airport expects to welcome approximately 128,000 passengers on Saturday and Sunday.

The Manchester Airport Group said it expects 958 flights at Manchester Airport, 224 flights at East Midlands Airport and 1,330 flights at London Stansted Airport from Friday to Monday.

This is up from 632, 177 and 735, respectively, on the same weekend last year, but well below Manchester’s 2,512, East Midlands’ 503 and London Stansted’s 2,139 in July 2019.

Although the airport is crowded, the number of travelers per day before the July 2019 pandemic has dropped from about 230,000 to 260,000.

Additional reporting by the Press Association.

Holidaymakers complain of “confusion” at Heathrow and Stansted airports on the busiest weekend of the year

Source link Holidaymakers complain of “confusion” at Heathrow and Stansted airports on the busiest weekend of the year

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