Holiday child actors seem completely unrecognizable in recent snaps

People usually start cracking Christmas movies at this time (or November if you’re like us!). Holiday is one such festive movie that tends to go to the top of everyone’s list.

Friendly, entertaining, romantic and a staple of the season. But no matter how many times you look at it, you won’t notice if Miffy Inglefield, who plays Jude Law’s eldest daughter Sophie, approaches you on the street and asks you to do Napkin Head.

The young actress, who was only 7 years old when the holiday was filmed, is now 22 years old and looks totally unrecognizable.

Miffy Englefield, now 22 years old, describes himself as a “pint-sized punk.”

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Obviously the young star has grown-many of us don’t look in their twenties as we did when we were seven-but Miffy completely looks back at her face, edgy punk and cute I exchanged sweets. Or, as she says, “always take off your clothes.”

Her Instagram background states:

Miffy looks gorgeous in every snap, showing off her stunning tattoos, jet-black hair, and seriously sharp make-up skills.

Miffy is a confession miniskirt lover

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“At this point, I’m sure I’ll be buried in a tartan skirt,” she wrote in one of her recent snaps.

In addition, Miffy, who posted a photo of a photo shoot taken on the coast of England, seems to be back in front of the camera.

She captioned the shot. “Even on the frosty beaches of West Sussex, I gave @ jimkirby_ the biggest scream for making my first shot the best time. You’re a really great talent. From these shots I can’t wait to post more. “

The former child actor marked her on a holiday when she invited the shocked Amanda (Cameron Diaz) to her father Graham (Jude Law)’s house.

Miffy played Jude Law’s daughter Sophie on the 2006 Christmas hit holiday.

Let’s face it, we all dated someone who thinks we’re fooling us, but in reality we have two secret kids … Recently, Miffy sang on stage and her punk Mark her by modeling fashion.

She starred in a Christmas classic with Emma Pritchard, who played Olivia, Graham’s youngest daughter. The pair played their beloved characters alongside Jude Law and Cameron Diaz, as mentioned above, and Kate Winslet and Jack Black.

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Holiday child actors seem completely unrecognizable in recent snaps

Source link Holiday child actors seem completely unrecognizable in recent snaps

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