Holiday boost due to lack of advice on visiting France, Spain and Greece in support of mitigation rules

Travel planning for vacationers was greatly boosted after the foreign office withdrew official advice for traveling to countries on the amber list.

This move gives the struggling tour operator a major lifeline. Tour operators will be able to sell packaged trips to: An Englishman who is not afraid that his insurance policy will be invalidated.

It will come later Secretary of Transportation Grant Shaps We have confirmed plans to abolish the quarantine rules for British double jabs returning from Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. and open travel to millions of sun-seekers.

Public opinion moved in favor of the government’s decision to open up international travel by ending the quarantine of vaccinated travelers returning from countries on the amber list.

Exclusive I Polls have revealed a shift in support for more relaxed border control and more countries being added to the green list.

Of the 1,500 voters surveyed on Wednesday, 43% said they supported the removal of quarantine for fully vaccinated people, while 29% opposed it.

In a Redfield & Wilton survey, 23% said they were indifferent and 6% didn’t know.

About 33% of voters support adding a country to the green list. In other words, it’s a destination that doesn’t require quarantine for anyone. This is compared to the 22 percent who said they disagreed.

The survey did not suggest the majority in favor of easing border rules, but it showed a significant change in opinion among the public. And it took a predominantly cautious approach to international travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Back in April, voters categorically opposed the idea of ​​resuming overseas travel, saying that more than half of the population should ban vacations after May.

People started warming up to the idea of ​​traveling abroad later in the year, but only a few. A May survival poll found that concerns about the dangers of Covid-19 led to only one in six people planning to take a vacation abroad in 2021.

As Grant Shapps confirmed Thursday, it’s probably not a coincidence that the biggest change in public opinion took place. The government will end a 10-day self-quarantine rule for adults and all children vaccinated with two Covid-19 vaccines. Destinations on the amber list from July 19th.

He said qualified people must live in the UK and have received two jabs under the UK vaccine deployment at least three weeks before the trip.

Guidance that people should not travel to countries on the amber list has also been abolished, giving the general public free travel to many tourist destinations for some reason.

Travelers are required to undergo a Covid-19 test three days before their return, the second day of their return or earlier, but are exempt from the test on the eighth day.

Previously, only those traveling from countries with a limited green list did not need to be quarantined or tested. People arriving from the amber list country had to undergo some tests and be quarantined for 10 days.

There are no changes to those arriving in the UK from Red List countries.

The rule changes apply only to England, but delegated countries are expected to announce very similar measures.

Huw Merriman, chairman of the Transport Selection Committee, asked if there were plans to revisit the number of costly PCR tests required, arguing that “it is still a barrier for travelers.”

Shaps said there was further review on 31 July, but noted that PCR testing was more accurate in detecting mutants than swabs in momentary lateral flow.

The news means that British tourists are free to take vacations in Portugal, Italy, Spain, France and more, boosting the travel industry.

However, critics said abandoning isolation could lead travelers to bring new and concerned variants of Covid-19 into the country.

Holiday boost due to lack of advice on visiting France, Spain and Greece in support of mitigation rules

Source link Holiday boost due to lack of advice on visiting France, Spain and Greece in support of mitigation rules

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