HMS Tamar visits Darwin. Royal Navy ships complete the first Indo-Pacific deployment

The Royal Navy HMS Tamar is visiting Darwin this week (May 30) following the successful completion of its first deployment in the Indo-Asian Pacific as part of Britain’s permanent naval presence in the region. HMS Tamar briefly visits the Northern Territory for staff rotation before continuing its permanent presence in the region.

During their five-year deployment, HMS TAMAR, the SPEY sister ship, plans to work with allies and partners throughout the region, visiting countries from Australia to Japan, Fiji to Singapore.

Since its deployment in September 2021, Tamar and her sister ship Spey have traveled 25,000 nautical miles through Colombia through the Panama Canal, crossing the US West Coast region through Hawaii. One of the most important points of Tamar’s activity are:

  • In January, Tamar patrolled the Archangel Sea to monitor and control illegal naval operations, including shipments of North Korean-flagged ships, which were banned by UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR). These activities served to ensure that demilitarization commitments were met in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and that international rule-based security was guaranteed.
  • In February, Tamar participated in the Bersama Shield exercise with the FPDA (Great Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia). These multinational exercises, which took place in Singapore and Malaysia, included a series of exercises that demonstrated the interoperability and cooperation response of the five countries and their commitment to regional security.
  • Martin Tamar joined the Royal Brunei Navy’s KDB DARULEHSAW warship for transitional exercises outside Brunei, emphasizing the ongoing relationship building in the region.

Highlights of HMS Spey’s operations include:

  • In January, the ship came to the aid of the Tongan government following the eruption of the Honga-Tonga volcano, supplying humanitarian aid and assisting in the repair of communications infrastructure.
  • In February, Spey launched a medical team to provide Covid-promoted vaccines and dental treatment to the people of the Pitcairn Islands. The ship company visited Fiji, Papua New Guinea, engaging with the military, government leaders and local communities.
  • Spey also worked with regional partners to conduct environmental and hydrographic surveys, as well as water sampling, to facilitate climate change studies. One of the Royal Navy’s greenest ships, the Spey, also carried out important marine biodiversity missions.
  • These were exciting times for the crew of the ship, as they opened new relationships, strengthened others, provided much-needed assistance to countries in need, and helped prevent illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing. The ship has worked with a number of naval forces in the region, including: US Coast Guard, US Navy, Royal Australian Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy, Fiji Navy, Royal Brunei Navy և Indonesian Navy.

Together with the Royal Navy, the British Army և Regular Air Force conducts regular exercises և operations with Partners և Allies, underscoring the United Kingdom համատեղ Commitment to Security և Stability in the Indo-Asian Pacific.


Lieutenant Commander Matt Millar, Tamar Executive Officer, said:

The 90-meter-long patrol boat plays a key role in meeting common security challenges and developing relations. We are not a carrier, we are not a huge warship or a terrorist force, we are here as a good force, a force of peace.

Lieutenant Gareth Sr., HMS SPEY Marine Engineering Officer, said:

This location has seen us travel to amazing places, interacting with new cultures. Working with local communities, government agencies and the military in the Pacific was a privilege. We have learned a lot from each other, I look forward to building on that relationship, to working with our close partners again in the near future.

The British High Commissioner to Australia Vicky Tredel said:

We look forward to welcoming Tamar to the Australian coast this week և a well-deserved rest for the staff after a truly enormous stay in the region. HMS Tamar’s visit to Darwin և HMS Spey deployment in the region underscores our continued naval presence in the Indo-Pacific region, speaks of the UK’s continuing commitment to a free, open Indo-Pacific area where sovereign states of all sizes are free. from coercion.


HMS Tamar is always located next to its sister ship HMS Spey in the Indo-Pacific region. Working alongside partners, allies, the ship helps meet security challenges, assist nations against the effects of climate change.

HMS Tamar visits Darwin. Royal Navy ships complete the first Indo-Pacific deployment

Source HMS Tamar visits Darwin. Royal Navy ships complete the first Indo-Pacific deployment

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