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History Repeating Itself – A look at the nostalgic Y2K beauty trends for 2022

They say that there’s nothing new under the sun – and that’s the thing about trends.  One minute we’re sneering at photographs of dodgy outfits and haircuts, and the next minute, we’re spending a fortune on recreating that same look. As we speed toward 2022, one particular nostalgic trend has begun to emerge – that of Y2K hair and beauty.

Y2K – Why not!

For those not old enough to remember, Y2K refers to the year 2000 – a time when many people spent months trying to stop themselves typing 19 every time they wrote the date. This era brought with it some unique fashion, hair and beauty trends and, these include:

Double denim

Yep, this really did happen. As we emerged, blinking, into the bright new world of 2000, we began to witness an alarming number of people breaking this ancient fashion rule.  All of a sudden, jeans and denim shirts along with denim skirts and shirts became a thing, and our streets became a double denim nightmare.  Thankfully, this trend didn’t last too long, but the word on the street is that it’s on its way back for our 2022 wardrobes.

Just brow-sing

In the year 2000, thin eyebrows were the big news for women. Across the globe, brow bars began to pop up on every high street and in every shopping centre. The number one request from customers was for laser-precision, knife-thin eyebrows.  There have been a few brow trends in the 21 years since then, but we’re reliably informed that thin brows are back for 2022.

Parting is such sweet sorrow

If you didn’t have a zig-zag parting in 2000, you weren’t there. Despite this being a tricky trend to pull off, this look was everywhere in 2000 and the upcoming years.  As we approach 2022, salons report that the zig-zag is back and, this time, it’s brought a couple of friends with it – the humble plaits. There’s been a sudden surge for the zig-zag plait combo for Christmas 2021 and we suspect that this will continue into the new year.

History Repeating Itself - A look at the nostalgic Y2K beauty trends for 2022.jpg

Christmas crush for salons

As these hair and beauty trends return, salons are gearing up to one of their busiest times of the year. While we’re all hoping for a very different Christmas than that of 2020, salons will be focusing on safety, as well as doing their best to meet the festive demand. Savvy salon owners are turning to Booksy to help them strike a balance between meeting demand and adhering to safety guidelines.

Launched in 2014, Booksy is an appointment booking app and website which offers tons of good stuff for both salon owners and customers.  Some of Booksy’s features are:

Booking ‘em inBooksy’s handy mobile phone app allows customers to easily book, manage, and cancel their own appointments. This helps salon owners save that much needed cash, as they no longer need to hire extra staff to deal with phone bookings. For the customer, this means no more phone calls when they just want to book an appointment for their Christmas ‘do.

No more flashing the cash – Booksy’s payment and prepayment features helps salons cut down on all that germ-riddled hand to hand contact during customer payments. Salon owners can request payment through the app as well as prepayments which are a great weapon against the bugbear of many salon owners – the no-show.

The sales switch – As retail walls become a thing of the past (although not as far back as Y2K), salons are now able to sell products and upsell services directly through the Booksy app, thereby allowing for more effective inventory management, as well as reducing contact within the premises.

Market value – Booksy has some great marketing tools for salons, including email outreach, to help owners reach out to new and potential clients without the cost of an agency.

Booksy’s customer service is also top-notch. As found by Number For Live Person, their customer support representatives are some of the most responsive. Data provided by Brand24’s sentiment analysis is also a testament to Booksy’s quality with over 80% of the mentions being positive:


While hair and beauty trends may come and go, Booksy is most definitely here to stay. With over 17 million customers worldwide, Booksy is the perfect solution for salons looking to deliver the latest trends without breaking the bank.

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