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Here’s How You Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Transforming a home that looks straight from a luxury magazine is possible even with a tight decorating budget. Yeah, you heard it right; you can add a little flair of style to your home without breaking a bank. Revamping a home does not mean you need to invest in new furniture and accessories. Instead, be mindful and utilise the items you already own to refresh the existing furnishing – we guarantee the low-cost update will bring elegance to your home in no time. So without further ado, let’s give your home a high-end look you have been dreaming of. Follow some expert advice to add some excellent decorative value to your place.

People showed great love to their home during quarantine period

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, people spent more time in the home than usual – which suggests that homeowners passionate about home renovation, might have been utilising the quarantine time thinking about the decoration and how to make their home more productive. Since personal preference varies and different people engage themselves with activities they are passionate about. For instance, during the quarantine, most of us adopted different hobbies.  Some of you might have started cooking while some worked on their inner artist, and began painting on the canvas. While there was a segment of people who were just like you and were more inclined to home decoration. They utilised this period as an opportunity to evoke their inner interior designer and revamped the home completely. The trend of online shopping also gained significant importance in the quarantine as people were reluctant to go outside and relied on online shopping.

Add designer light fixtures

Please don’t go with the typical idea of contractors for lighting fixtures, which is generally the same they have been using for ages. Instead, we suggest going with light fixtures that add more elegance to the home. Getting a high-end look for the home is feasible. You can search for suitable products from either flea markets or second-hand stores. Chances are high; you may get some great items at budget-friendly prices. Sometimes, some pieces may require extra paint or buffing, but that’s fine – it is not a bad idea if you can transform an item worth a few bucks into an item that looks like a million-dollar. Also, consider having various light sources that can be anything from floor lamps to bed lamps to hanging lights that increase the elegance and charm of the home in no time.

Choose hardwood over carpet

Carpeting undoubtedly brings instant warmth and softness, but you can’t match it with the level of elegance factor as solid. The elegant appearance is accessible at quite an affordable price. Purchasing hardwood for the home is worth considering investment. It serves better in terms of functionality and makes your home look a bit more expensive. Also, a hardwood home will have a more resale value than a carpeted house. It is also essential to choose quality laminate to ensure some lasting quality. If you want to save some money, going with birch and oak will be better; however, better to go with darker shades to have a more luxurious appearance. You can also add an area rug to tie together the room’s design to the house ceiling.

Use the vertical space

The quest to decorate the home can only be satisfied when you bring something extraordinary. For instance, something that can serve impeccably in terms of function and decoration like a wooden shelf that you can hang in the living room and place succulent or an antique decoration piece. The simple trick can be implemented anywhere and will enhance the overall decorative value of the corner you put in no time. You can find various oak floating shelves in the market however we suggest counting upon the reliable seller who provides a shelf made up of high-quality oak wood. It is also better to decide what you want to put so the shelf can be chosen accordingly. For instance, for heavier objects, go with the shelf that is made up of strong wood and can withstand the weight without any problem.

Paint Colour Matters

Paint colour is an important decision and the most challenging one too. It plays a significant part in revamping the home. Since we are more concerned to add elegance and charm to the place then there are a few colours that do the job quite effortlessly. Try the amalgamation of both bold and dramatic soft these hues in no time will level up the game of home decoration. You can also paint the doors black as it also makes your home look high-end. When you opt for the black colour be sure that you choose other black accessories to tie up the overall theme.

Swap out throw pillows

You can décor a living room instantly by replacing throw pillows – they are easy to accessorise and brighten a room in no time. The best part is you can make your own or even can buy them. Throwing older pillows and replacing them with some refreshing ones that are both bright and fuller adds a decorative flair to the place. However, remember you can’t apply the rule, more is better with throw pillows, it is better you don’t go overboard. It is also great to change pillows to coincide with the current weather. For instance, you can replace velvet pillows with lighter textures in spring.

Get rid of old items

If anything, be it a light fixture or any piece of furniture making you groan, get rid of it immediately. As it is doing more harm than good. Getting rid of something ugly and old does not cost you much. Instead it brings freshness to the place and provides you an opportunity to do some creativity with the newly empty place. Little work also goes a long way in transforming a home. For instance, painting the cabinets, replacing the outdated knobs, or the drab wall colour can also be changed.


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