Helen Flanagan shares adorable photos of baby Charlie in Christmas Eve outfits

Helen Flanagan Sharing her adorable snaps About 9 months old son Charlie In his Christmas Eve costume.

In the photo, Charlie shines into the camera, wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with red stitching on the collar and cuffs, and a red dungaree with a fun snowman embroidery.

Three mothers captioned the photo. “Merry Christmas Eve. My beautiful boy Charlie will be nine months tomorrow.”

Helen, 31, wasn’t the only one who thought Charlie looked cute. Dozens of her million followers repeated similar feelings and branded Tot as “beautiful.”

Helen Flanagan’s son Charlie looked adorable in his Christmas Eve outfit

“He’s just cute !!!!!”, as another wrote, “Bless him, such a gorgeous baby,” he wrote to others.

“Absolutely adorable,” someone else said, and the fourth said, “He’s so gorgeous.”

After giving birth to Charlie earlier this year, she shares with her fiancé Scott Sinclair. Helen claimed he was likely to be their last And their family of five is now “perfect.”

Helen and Scott also have two daughters, Matilda (6) and Delilah (3).

They looked adorable when they posed in front of a huge Christmas tree
Helen and Scott also share their daughters Matilda and Delilah

Helen is the mother of her daughter Matilda (6 years old), Delilah (3 years old) and son Charlie (8 months old).
This will be Helen’s first Christmas as a mother of three

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Squirting while talking to Charlie last month understood!Helen said: “He’s such a dream ship. He’s absolutely beautiful. He’s really my little prince. I’m in love very much-he’s an absolute treat. I. I feel very lucky every day. I love to be a mom. I haven’t stopped since Matilda was born, but there was no other way. ”

When asked if she and Scott were planning to have a fourth child, she replied: So I always think of myself as “I’m very lucky to be with him this time.” It goes so fast that you really have to cherish it. “

Helen shares her children with fiancé Scott Sinclair
Helen and her fiancé Scott Sinclair have been working for 3 years

Helen and Scott have been engaged since 2018, but former Collie said she was too busy to plan her wedding because of her children.

“I always go to plan it, but we’re very busy with kids. We’ve just moved to an eternal home, so we have a list of things we want to do at home,” Helen said. understood!..

“We’ve been together for a long time. We’re probably lazy about it. I’m so girly that I think it’s going to be a big wedding to celebrate being together from the age of 19. I want to get married in the UK think.”

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Helen Flanagan shares adorable photos of baby Charlie in Christmas Eve outfits

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