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Hefty Tech Discounts at Huawei’s Back to School Promo

A brand new school year is closely nearing. And such an event provides a mixed feeling of elation and concern at the same time—can you relate? Gathering and organizing the items you’ll need to help you for the school year is always exciting. However, it isn’t as fun as it sounds, especially if you don’t have the means to buy what you really need to help you excel in your academics.

And among the basic needs, you have to consider are gadgets. Let’s face it, they are highly essential in today’s highly technological generation but finding the most reliable ones with tons of features are super expensive as well. But you don’t have to worry about any of these any longer because Huawei has the answer for you! Let’s resume and see what the brand has in store for you…

Huawei’s Popular Back to School Promo is Back!

Huawei is an international tech company, and they’re always has been known for their dedication to the continuous innovation of their flagship products to improve the consumer experience. Their devices are very affordable but of high quality that can even compete with more premium brands. The company also understands the common dilemma during the seasons before school starts.

Therefore, Huawei organizes a promo event once a year where they bring the prices down of their flagship smart devices to an even more affordable rate. Aside from the low price tag, they also offer hefty cashbacks, free gifts, and more discounts on selected items. The following are some of the smart devices that are currently on their promo list…

Huawei MateView

There are a lot of cheap PC monitors around, and some might not even really care about them—because they’re just screen monitors, right? However, this is not the proper mindset either because these gadgets do provide a lot of boost in regards to giving you a much detailed and larger picture of what you’re working on. And the sharpness and clearness of the screen and its reliability deeply rely on the brand.

Huawei MateView is probably the best mid-tier screen monitor in the market. It has minimalist and elegant coverture that’s equipped with a 4K and Ultra-HD display that makes it excellent for movies and gaming as well. And the good news is that you can own a MateView for just £899.99 or $1,238.45. But during the Back to Promo, you can buy them at only £599.99 or $825.63. In addition, it goes along with a huge $200 cashback and a free gift of Huawei’s Sound X.

Huawei Matebook D15 2021 i5

Laptops are now a basic necessity for students and home-based workers. And it is rightfully so because it aids us to finish tasks on the go. Therefore, finding quality laptops that suit our preferences is essential. And if this is especially true for you, the Huawei Matebook D15 is a must-try because of its many apparent benefits. First off, it is equipped with AMD Ryzen, which is excellent for both work and play, and it is also lightweight, which would make it easy for you to carry them from place to place.

And you can get all of these features for just £529.99 or $729.31 (much cheaper than the MateView!). But that’s not all, for this special event, you all also get a special offer. During the Back the School promo, you can own a Matebook for just £429.99 or $591.70.

Huawei AX3 Wireless Router

Of course, you will need a fast internet connection at home. And to complete your Huawei home essential experience, consider trying out the Huawei AX3 Wireless Router. You also have to take note this is not an ordinary internet router—it is a hybrid of network cables and wireless networking and has an internet speed of $3,000 Mbps! That is some speed, right? And you can own the fastest internet speed in the neighborhood for just £159.97 or $220.13. And for Huawei’s Back to School event, you can avail them at only £89.99 or $123.83!

If you’re interested to know more details, then you can check out the full list of smart devices under promo on Huawei’s Back to School UK.

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