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Being James Blunt must be difficult.

He lives in Ibiza, sells 20 million albums, and owns a pub in the leafless and devastated Chelsea.

He is now getting paid to taste beer on TV, as if things weren’t bad enough.

Not everything is hanky. He hints at a difficult blockade and the “pressure” of being trapped in “four walls.”

First, beer.

Beer Master Set James Blunt

“I thought I was dead and went to heaven,” said Brandt about the new Beer Master available on Amazon Prime.

Show-a kind of liquid Bake offLooking for enough homebrew to produce commercially-started at an exciting time for beer lovers.

Over the last decade, the number of new breweries in the UK has exploded, creating a myriad of different styles, from table beer (about 3% alcohol) to sour and pastry stouts.

The latter is essentially a glass of dessert, a dark dark beer with additional ingredients such as chocolate, coffee and almonds.

Beer Masters has moved away from Master Chef, and The Great British Bake Off is in that format.

There are five homebrewers, each with a chance to win gold, silver, or bronze each week. No one leaves.

In one of the episodes, you’re tasked with brewing ales that go well with certain foods, such as chili, brie cheese, anchovies, dark chocolate, and strawberries.

The program is also international and has participants from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

It’s a “festival of our differences and our culture,” says Brandt.

He clearly enjoys beer, and his mantra on the tour says “no food, just drink.”

And the Beer Master was a journey for the contestants, and obviously so for him.

Before co-announced with head brewer Jaega Wise, he admitted that “going to beer was a cheap pale lager.”

But the show “really opened me to the differences in beer and the choices there,” he added, referring to the beer and sourness of the Belgian monastery-“I never imagined I wanted”. ..

James Blunt and co-presenter Jegawaise

Does he drink too much from time to time?

“As a tour musician, how else do you slow down after the show?” He muses.

“And as a tax collector, one needs to socialize, and now I’ve been given my own TV show about beer.”

He jokes that he is “pickling” himself and asks, “How else do you think I keep my youthful appearance?”

He describes himself-some times during our chat-as a “touring musician”. It was clearly the center of his identity, and the pandemic would not have been an easy time for him.

When the first blockade hit, he was “very sad” about abandoning the tour, which was intended to last a year after just a month.

“It was devastating that my tour was interrupted,” he says. “We had to go to Germany and bring the band and crew home.”

His biggest hit collection, released later this week, includes several new songs written in lockdown-a track he calls “four strap-ons.”

He hopes that one of them, Love Under Pressure, will help people “related to the pressure they felt trapped in the four walls of the house during the blockade.”

This album, called The Stars Beneath My Feet, 30 by Adele..

Anyone who has browsed Brant’s Twitter feed will know that he has a keen sense of humor.

He added that Taylor Swift’s latest collection (Red, Taylor’s version) was also scheduled for release on November 19, but was delayed by a “fully understandable” week to avoid competing with him.

Swift and her record label “panicked,” he says.

As for Adele, she “must be nervous.”

“Heaven” where James Blunt releases a new album on the same day as Adele and hosts a TV show about beer | Ent & Arts News

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