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Hearty TV star Cynthia sends 4600 groceries to hungry families each month | UK | News

From time to time, entrepreneur Cynthia Stroud looks at a pile of food ready to go to a hungry family and wonders, “Why did this happen?”

Twice a month, more than 2,300 families across the UK receive free food parcels from Cynthia. Each pack is enough to make 25 meals. “I knew that the families around me were having a hard time and I needed to help feed people,” she says.

As part of a campaign with KFC, we share stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things to overcome the current crisis and help the community: heroes who want to give people what they love more. ..

Cynthia in Hartford is doing just that.

In May, she contacted several local schools to see how she could help. They told her that at least 100 families were having a hard time feeding their children in a pandemic, and she had an inspiration.

“I cleaned up the Sainsbury’s and Tesco shelves, rented a table, and put my bags in the front yard.” She delivered the food pack to the school for distribution.

“I thought it was only one time. The teachers came back soon and said my parents were in tears. I didn’t know how much it would affect me. I felt so humble that I thought, “I can’t leave it here.” “

The news of the initiative spread and more families joined her plan. “I was amazed at the magnitude of that need,” she says. She is currently planning to organize food packs from a local school in Hertfordshire and send them to Essex School in Liverpool for further plans nationwide.

Two single mothers, Cynthia, lost thousands of pounds worth of business when the pandemic struck an award-winning wedding cake company and paid for their own food for £ 10 a pack.

“Some of me said,’What are you doing, you need money,’ but I felt the need to do something increased.” She also started a new business (Pretty Gorgeous Jams). He has worked as a food judge on television in the United Kingdom (Channel 4, BBC Two, Food Network) and Canada.

She moved from Nigeria to the United Kingdom in 2004 and had enough money to earn a business degree, but her strong beliefs give her confidence.

“I’m not from a wealthy family. I don’t have a partner to offer, but what I’ve done so far doesn’t rely on prepaying all the cash.”

The generosity of others helped me. She was founded as a charity by voluntary cash donations from her neighbors. This allowed her to buy much cheaper food from the food waste charity FareShare. Volunteers helped pack and a local club provided space to store her food.

“Until then, I was packing baked beans and cereal under the dining room table.” She was disappointed that she would have to pay in advance to hire a van that was intervened by a local garden maintenance company.

“And now I have a beautiful van and a volunteer driver, and we don’t have to pay a penny.”

A local councilor heard her work and donated £ 4,000 from a municipal fund to help during the virus. “No cash reserve.”

What has continued her is the reaction of teachers and parents. A letter she received from the mother of seven boys left her in tears. “She was so grateful that she told me how difficult it was to deal with.”

Cynthia and her team do not meet the family themselves. “I was in my position where I needed help before. I want to protect their dignity. I don’t want them to feel they have to jump over the hoops for support.”

In 2016, Cynthia was awarded the Queen’s New Year’s Honors Medal of the Order of the British Empire for servicing business and the community, and was awarded the Lloyds Bank National Business Award (Pivot for Purpose).

For many, food is more than just fuel to keep us moving. It’s a way to show our love and bring comfort in difficult times.

This year may have been tough, but keep in mind that the community across the UK has provided an incredible story of kindness, determination and joy. And I think it needs more … gravy!

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Hearty TV star Cynthia sends 4600 groceries to hungry families each month | UK | News

SourceHearty TV star Cynthia sends 4600 groceries to hungry families each month | UK | News

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