Has Doja Cat released an eyeshadow palette?

Grammy-nominated singer Doja Cat has entered the world of beauty.

Doja Cat has recently joined the makeup industry with other artists.


Doja Cat is a 26-year-old Grammy-nominated artistCredits: Getty Images

Has Doja Cat released an eyeshadow palette?

In September 2021, the following became clear: Doja was collaborating With BH Cosmetics to create an eyeshadow palette.

Her first make-up collection was released on September 25, 2021.

“Everything is beautifully intertwined and connected to every detail,” Yannis Rodocanachi, I told Allure, the brand’s CEO..

“When [‘Planet Her‘] We created the package with attractive gold leaf and psychedelic mushrooms to match what she puts out musically. “

What does Doja Cat say about her eyeshadow palette?

The eyeshadow palette has a total of 36 shades and is titled Megashadow Palette.

“We wanted to feel like we were in the wild.” Doja said. “this is [all about] Explore and learn the different tones of nature. “

The eyeshadow palette can be described as having a rustic bright.

Doja share With Allure about her journey to learn from make-up and past mistakes.

“I thought it looked cute … it wasn’t,” she said. “But that means I felt beautiful and I started learning more about my face.”


Doja Cat’s eyeshadow palette is a collaboration venture with BH CosmeticsCredit: BH Cosmetics

Where can I buy an eyeshadow palette?

Eyeshadow palettes can be purchased directly from BH Cosmetics or from Alta Beauty.

It sells for $ 36 at Ulta Beauty and is listed on the BH Cosmetics site for $ 25 as of December 22, 2021.

Doja said she was very specific She had make-up artist Ernesto Casillas do the entire face except the eyeliner, just as she liked the eyeliner.

“I have a great deal of commitment when it comes to popping out these pigments in the best possible condition,” she said.

Apart from the eyeshadow palette, Doja is also working on BH Cosmetics eyeliner.

The Goddess Calligraphy Eyeliner retails for $ 11 and is also available directly from the makeup site and Ulta.

The eyeliner comes in three colors: black, green and white.

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Has Doja Cat released an eyeshadow palette?

Source link Has Doja Cat released an eyeshadow palette?

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