Harry Styles introduces girlfriend Olivia Wilde to her mother in marriage rumors

Harry Styles Allegedly introduced him Girlfriend Olivia Wilde Don’t worry about darling to his mother, Ann Cox, after they meet on his next movie set, He is starring with Florence Pugh..

Olivia, 37, is a film director, and the two started filming together in October 2020.

In Time, the actor broke up with his nine-year partner Jason Sudeokis, 46, in November and shares his two children. Otis and Daisy.

Later, in the process of filming, Olivia is believed to have been “blinded” by her romance. Fashion icon harry, 10 years junior.

Harry reportedly introduced his new girlfriend Olivia to his mother

Olivia Wilde is the director of Harry’s next movie, Don’t Wally Darling.

Immediately after casting Harry to that role Olivia motivated 27-year-old acting skillsTell trend: “For me, he is very modern. Harry’s confidence in this brand as a man lacks any trace of toxic masculinity and shows his generation, and thus the future of the world. I hope you are.

“I think he defends and leads it in many ways. Seeing someone in his position redefine what it means to be a confident man. Is very powerful and a kind of extraordinary. “

The pair was later found holding hands together at a mutual friend’s wedding in January, when the singer called Olivia his “girlfriend.”

Almost a year later, Harry’s is said to have introduced Olivia to her mother.

Olivia and Harry drawn together on Don’t Wally Darling’s set

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Sources said Sun: “This looked pretty flashy at first. Two fascinating people hooked up, but now it’s clearly more than that.

“They were a little absent at first, but now that things are more calm, it’s a good time to do the following:

“It’s really exciting for them, and for Harry, it’s the most serious he’s ever really done about someone.”

Apparently Harry also grew up close to Olivia’s children.

Meanwhile, Harry fans predicted that he might ask Olivia a question next year.

Harry Styles and his mother Ann Cox

Neither has officially confirmed their romance, but Olivia appeared to be discussing her relationship with Harry and the scrutiny she received to date a young man.

she said trend This month: “Correcting the wrong story is obviously really fascinating, but when you’re really happy, you understand that it doesn’t matter what strangers think about you. I think. What matters to you is what is real, what you like, and who you like. ”

“For the past decade, as a society, we have placed much more emphasis on the opinions of strangers than those closest to us,” she added.

“”[But] I’m happier than ever. And I’m healthier than ever and it’s great to feel it. “

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Harry Styles introduces girlfriend Olivia Wilde to her mother in marriage rumors

Source link Harry Styles introduces girlfriend Olivia Wilde to her mother in marriage rumors

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