Harry Redknapp and his wife Sandra Beam, the first adorable great-grandson Hendrix

Harry Redknapp And his wife Sandra shared a lovely snap when they were introduced to their first great-grandson Hendrix.

Former football manager (74 years old) and his wife Sandra (75 years old) A person who recently shared Christmas with his son Jamie Redknapp’s newborn babySeen across the moon, when Harry posed with his great-grandchildren a snap shared with 1.4 million Instagram followers.

Sandra smiled, holding Hendrix in her arms while Harry put his hand on the shoulder in the photo. “Our first great grandson Hendrix.

“I greatly congratulate Joe and Anushka. He is just a nice jab.”

Joe is Lucy Bolster’s 20-year-old son, wife of Mark Redknapp, the eldest son of Harry and Sandra, and from her previous relationship.

Harry and Sandra Redup and Hendrix

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Jamie shares with ex-wife Louise Rednap after Harry and Sandra join their son Jamie, daughter-in-law Frida, newborn grandchildren Rafael, Charlie (17), and Bo (13). ..

Jamie wrote: “Happy Christmas from Redknapp [heart emoji].. I hope you had a great day with your family. “

Harry with his son Jamie and his family on Christmas day

Jamie also shared another adorable snap of his father, Harry, 74, who embraced his newborn grandson Rafael.

He captioned the photo “when Harry met Rafael.”

Jamie announced the birth of Raphael in November, at the time writing: I’m excited to see him my boy. “

Grandchildren Rafael and Harry

Jamie shared a heartwarming collection of photos with his baby son Rafael

With respect to The unique name of Frida and Jamie’s son, Apparently the pair wanted his name to reflect his Swedish heritage.

The insider told The Sun:

Frida also nodded to her Swedish ancestors when she announced the arrival of Rafael. So she called the newborns their “Vikings”.

Jamie not only expresses that Raphael is excited to meet Charlie and Bo, gHurry the moment his baby son first met his mother, Sandra and his brother, Mark ..

Jamie shares for the first time a snapshot of Sandra’s encounter with Rafael

Jamie shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram, stating, “This makes me very happy. Rafael met his nanny and uncle Mark for the first time.”

With the birth of Raphael, Jamie’s ex-Louis was reported to be “despaired”However, the singer later stopped these claims and claimed that she was in the “most positive headspace.”

Harry Redknapp and his wife Sandra Beam, the first adorable great-grandson Hendrix

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