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Harry Dunn’s Death: Ann Sakurus’s appearance canceled | UK | News

Mrs. Sakurus, 44, was scheduled to face the Westminster Magistrates Court by Videolink, which was accused of causing death from dangerous driving. This follows a fatal crash outside Northampton’s US military base RAF Croughton on August 27, 2019.

The suspect, who was working at the CIA at the time, had been claimed diplomatic immunity on her behalf by the US government. She left England 19 days later.

In a statement released yesterday, the prosecutor’s office said:

“This is to allow ongoing discussions between CPS and Anne Sacoolas’ statutory agents.

“Mrs. Sakurus has the right to a fair trial.

“It is very important that online reporting, commentary, or information sharing must not interfere with the process.”

The announcement follows last month’s statement, stating that the CPS “promises to ensure justice in this matter,” and the case will be heard on Tuesday.

Immediately after the statement, Mrs. Sakulas’ statutory agent said, “We are always willing to discuss virtual hearings, but there is no agreement at this time.”

In December 2019, it was decided to prosecute Mrs. Sakulas, her three mothers, for killing Mr. Dan in dangerous driving.

In response to the latest announcement, Dan family spokesman Rudd Sager said:

“Harry’s family was clearly looking forward to the hearing on Tuesday, so they hope the agreement will be reached sooner or later.

“The immediate achievement of justice and closure is crucial to their mental health.”

Harry Dunn’s Death: Ann Sakurus’s appearance canceled | UK | News

SourceHarry Dunn’s Death: Ann Sakurus’s appearance canceled | UK | News

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