Hannah Kinsella reveals that she expects a baby girl.

Back in November last year, Chesher’s real housewife Exclusively revealed by Star Hanna Kinsella understood! She expects a second child with her husband Martin. Eight months after welcoming my adorable son Maxims James, it’s now 11 months.

Now, cosmetic dentists and real-life stars have found some exciting news to share as she discovered that she was giving birth to a baby girl.

“We’re so over the moon about it. Now that we have each, it’s amazing,” the 32-year-old, scheduled for May, told us.

“When we were filming the last series housewifeThere was a 12 week scan that was on the show. Obviously it was a 12-week scan, but the sonographer told us “you can give us a 60-70% guess” and on the camera it’s a girl.

Hannah and Martin expect a baby girl

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She continued. “Then we did a 20-week scan and asked them to confirm it, and they said.

“It’s weird because it had the instinct that it was a girl.”

Hannah’s husband Martin, a cosmetics and anti-aging doctor, added:

“I’m really excited about having a girl. I think I’ll be a good dad for a girl.”

So did Hannah tell the news to her fellow housewife?

11-month-old son Max becomes an older brother
Housewives “made up” for Hannah

“I sent a message to them all, and everyone really made up for me,” she said.

The 25-week-pregnant mother has so far started this pregnancy and said she was “well” overall in terms of symptoms, but with one unexpected side effect.

“I noticed that I had a more hairy load!” She confessed.

“I started looking at my arms. For example,’Oh my god, I need to wax my arms!’ I think pregnancy and hormonal changes are normal.”

They have a lot of clothes for their babies-but they haven’t bought anything pink yet
Hannah welcomes a second child in a Caesarean section due to her last labor complications

But when her adorable son Max talks about becoming an older brother, Hannah was clearly pleased to welcome her daughter at a Caesarean section planned for her last labor complication.

“I really want them to be really close,” she admitted.

She added that having two babies very close in age has an economic advantage, as the son’s newborn clothes can be reused a lot.

“I still have a lot of Max stuff like Moses baskets, and even some of his gender neutral stuff I’m going to reuse again, but I’m still my first pink I haven’t purchased the item, “Hannah said.

They both dream of a big family
Hannah had the instinct she was expecting a girl

And what’s next for their future as a family?

“Ideally Hannah and I want a big family and lots of kids, but at this stage we know we have two kids and one kid each, and we I’m very lucky, “Martin told us.

“If that doesn’t happen in the future, we won’t have a hard time.”

“We are very fortunate!” While Hannah agrees.

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Hannah Kinsella reveals that she expects a baby girl.

Source link Hannah Kinsella reveals that she expects a baby girl.

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