Halle Berry says that Brudsed, who breaks my ribs in a battle movie, is less hurt than seeing himself on the screen.

Halle Berry, a former Miss World contestant at HOLLYWOOD A-lister, hates seeing herself on the big screen.

Not only did she appear in the story of mixed martial arts, but she was also the director’s debut, so she had to change that in American Beauty’s latest movie, Aza.


Halle Berry is the only black woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress at Monsters Ball in 2001.Credit: Rex


Halle of a new martial arts movie hurt with co-star Valentina ShevchenkoCredit: Splash

Halle, 55, Is the only black woman to have Winner of Oscar Best Actress Award — 2001 Monsters Ball.

She is also a royal family of superheroes in the roles of X-Men and Catwoman, and is dazzled by her orange bikini. 2002 Bond Flick Die Another Day..

But she revealed:

“I will never go back. That’s the hardest thing. I had to discover how difficult it was on my directorial debut. I have to watch over myself over and over again. did not.”

Both her role in bruises and her job as a director were hard earned.

The original script, now in the cinema, featured a central figure that was very different from what Halle played on Netflix flicks.

However, she was so inspired by the script that she decided to revolve around a dilapidated black MMA fighter called Jackie Justice, whose combat skills were declining.

After that, she agreed to have a powerful armed producer instruct her.

Halle said:

“Then they said,’Come on, go out and find the director.’ So I tried to go out and find the director. It must be a female filmmaker to tell this story. Having decided, I talked to many women.

“But the filmmakers I talked to didn’t see the story I saw in my head. They couldn’t fully understand all the elements. They fought the fans. It wasn’t, and they went away from it.

“Some of them didn’t want to hit some of these subjects in the way I wanted and needed.

“So I finally got home one night and thought,’Oh God, I can’t let the filmmaker make this story,’ so I was pretty upset.”

Finally, a friend suggested that Halle should take on the job himself.

So she talked to the producer — and they decided to bet on her.

Halle She also talked to her daughter Nara (13 years old) and her seven-year-old son Maceo about how her life improved by becoming a mother.

She got Nara from a relationship with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry between 2005 and 2010, and French actor Oliver Martinez, her third husband who married in 2013 but broke up in 2016. Have a maceo by.

Halle, who married American baseball star David Justice from 1993 to 1997 and American R & B singer Eric Benét from 2001 to 2005, is now with American singer-songwriter Van Hunt. I’m dating.

Halle says she is fascinated by the role of the film, which reflects her troubled past.

Her parents divorced when she was four and have been estranged from her father, who claims she is abusive since then.

I’m always most attracted to the characters who are fighting to survive, broken and broken, the weak and misunderstood characters, and the dark horse characters in the race.

Halle Berry

Halle said:

In many respects, it probably speaks to some of my own fragility and life experiences. “

Bluesed was also physically difficult.

Halle was left black and blue by brutal training with co-stars Valentina Shevchenko, 33, A Peruvian-Kyrgyzstan professional MMA fighter who plays Jackie Justice’s rival Lady Killer.

Halle broke his ribs during the shoot, but refused to rest.

She said: “I was like,’No, we have to continue.’ I was training four or five hours every day early in the morning, after which the fight coordinator said,” Please rest and rest today. “

“And you would say,’No, no, no, I’m working as a director all day.’ That was all that the scouts and we had to do. That was the second half of my day. I don’t know how I did it. I was drinking adrenaline, I was overpriced. “

But Halle isn’t a stranger to Hardgraft, even if he’s slept in a hostel for the homeless, after following her path from the humble beginnings.

She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, In the Midwest of America.

Her mother, Judith, was a white British immigrant from Liverpool and a psychiatric nurse.

Her African-American dad, Jerome, worked in the same hospital as a psychiatric ward clerk and later as a bus driver.

Despite the division of her parents and trouble with her dad, Halle was excellent at school, where she was also a cheerleader and competed in a beauty pageant — the first African American to finally participate. Became a person Miss world, Finished in 6th place in 1986.

Three years later, at the age of 23, she moved to New York To chase her dream, but when she ran out of cash, she temporarily lived in a homeless shelter.

The role of her first movie Spike Lee’s Plays the 1991 Jungle Fever, a drug addict in New York.

I had to be strong to survive, not only to survive, but also to thrive in an industry where I really didn’t have a place to live when I started.

Halle Berry

However Hollywood At first she refused to take her seriously.

She had to work hard to show that “just a pretty face, the model hasn’t just turned into an actor.”

Halle said: “I had to be strong to survive, not only to survive, but also to thrive in an industry where I really didn’t have a place to live when I started.”

But she prospered.

Her Oscar-winning performance at Monsters Ball saw her play the wife of a convict on death row.

Then, until the 2000s, the big money role included playing a storm in three X-Men superhero flicks. Jinx in Die Another Day, 2003 Thriller Gothika lead and Catwoman title role a year later.

Other credits include the 2010 drama Frankie & Alice as a woman with an identity disability. X-Men film..

But Halle remains the only black woman to scoop Hollywood top gong..

She states: “I really thought it meant that women of other colors, black women, would soon stand beside me.

“It’s been 20 years now, but it’s sad that no one else was standing there.”

Off-screen, she meditates and plays the flute to relax.

She said. “I’m a big meditator. It helps me get clarity and helps me make difficult decisions.”

But she added: It made it clear what was important and what wasn’t in life.

“The kids are always watching and I keep in mind the’I’that they show me.”


Halle with singer-songwriter Bo Van Hunt


Halle as Bond Girl Jinx in 2002 “Die Another Day”Credit: Rex Features


Halle’s “Cat Sexy” as Catwoman in 2004Credit: Rex


Halle was with model Gabriel Aubry from 2005 to 2010Credit: WireImage-Getty


Former husband Olivier Martinez and Halle in 2016Credits: Getty-Contributors
Halle Berry is the central stage for UFC 268 weighing

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Halle Berry says that Brudsed, who breaks my ribs in a battle movie, is less hurt than seeing himself on the screen.

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