Guider Global secures £ 2.4m seed investment from Fuel Ventures – UK technology investment news

● The large resignations are pushing companies to refocus professional development plans on

avoid the exodus of talent

● Guider’s platform helps companies create, execute and scale corporate mentoring programs

● Already partnered with several dozen global brands, including EY, Deloitte, M&S and

LVMH, with over 100,000 users in 95 different countries

Guider raised a $ 3 million seed investment with leading early stage VC, Fuel Ventures
to grow her career development platform and expand her international operations, after securing
several US customers from UK headquarters last year. Following his work with renowned organizations,
including M&S, LVMH, EY and Deloitte, to establish world-class mentoring programs, Guider now aims to expand its work around the world with companies eager to support the personal growth of their employees.
The Great Resignations have already affected many companies. Research suggests that 77% of
25-33 year olds are looking for a career change in the next year1, while 94% of employees
he admitted that they would stay in a role if there were more opportunities to “learn and grow”. In
in order to retain valuable talent, companies need to be an attractive place to work and put
employee at the center of his actions.
Guider creates human connections within large enterprises by making mentoring more scalable
and accessible. It serves those looking for new ways to improve employee retention, staff
well-being, diversity and inclusion and personal career development. It is not limited to mentoring: Guider’s customers also use the platform to support the development of other employees
programs, such as coaching, sponsorship, friendships, and mental health


Guider uses intelligent technology to match mentoring relationships and provides real-time metrics to measure program success. Encourage companies to leverage their existing talent to build successful learning cultures by using mentoring to cope with disengagement. 84% of Guider users experienced a positive effect using the system.

Nick Ross, CEO and founder of Guider, said: “When mentoring is implemented as a long-term commitment, it can have a positive impact on people and the organization at large.
Our partnership with Fuel Ventures means we have the capital to up the ante on developing our smart platform and serving businesses around the world. Yep, we’ve seen
global brands perform exceptionally when they use our platform to anchor their mentoring schemes and build connections with employees. “

Fuel Ventures’ Mark Pearson added: “There is no doubt that the world of work is changing and organizations, like Guider, are there to help large companies with large and diverse teams build better relationships with and among their staff. Nick Ross and his team have the
vision of creating a platform that makes mentoring more efficient and accessible. We are thrilled to be part of this journey ”.


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    About Guider
    Born out of a desire to make mentoring more accessible, Guider gives everyone access to the professional development they deserve.
    Currently partnering with some of the world’s best-known brands, including M&S, Deloitte, The Guardian and EY, we help grow and expand mentoring cultures, as well as drive change in the areas of Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Leadership, Health Mental and more.
    We have assembled a superstar team passionate about personal and professional development, and we are fully behind our mission to fuel over a billion impactful conversations.

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Guider Global secures £ 2.4m seed investment from Fuel Ventures – UK technology investment news

Source link Guider Global secures £ 2.4m seed investment from Fuel Ventures – UK technology investment news

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