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Called “Black Widow” by the Italian tabloids, it is known as “Lady Gucci” in the more elegant circles. Want Her ex-husband has died and is worried about the imminent marriage to a much younger woman and the $ 170 million plunge caused by the sale of Gucci shares in 1993, two years after the divorce was confirmed. Crazed. And she admitted that she was happy to think that all her problems were finally gone after he died.

However, she remained innocent in the murder plot and told the writer. Sara Gay Forden In a letter from the prison, “Maurizio was the man I loved most, despite all his mistakes.”

Reggiani and his four accomplices were convicted of murder after a five-month trial in 1998.

Born in the northern city of Vignola in a humble situation, with her Maurizio Gucci When they got married in 1973, both were 24 years old, despite their fathers. Rodolfo GucciConcerns.

“Watch out, Maurizio,” Rodolfo told him, according to Foden’s 2000 book. Gucci house.. “I received information about the girl. I don’t like her sound at all. She is said to be a vulgar, ambitious, money-only social climber. Maurizio, She is not a girl for you. “”

His son replied, “Daddy, I can’t leave her. I love her.”

Legiani persuaded Maurizio to be more ambitious about his role in Gucci, and he became the head of the company during their marriage. “When he was young, he expected Patrizia to support him and empower him to confront his own father, but as he gained power, he felt oppressed by her criticism. “Foden said. New York post.. They separated in 1985.

First sentenced to 29 years in prison for paying $ 375,000 for killing Maurizio, the Court of Appeals shortened her term to 26 years and was released in October 2016. United Kingdom TelegraphThe court ruled that Maurizio was legally entitled to an annual allowance of $ 1.2 million and a 17-year prison repayment, subject to the terms of an agreement signed two years before Maurizio was killed. Was given.

“Maurizio always loved me. He wanted me the best,” Patrizia said. People Magazine Surveys: Fashion Crime 2018. “But he has changed completely.” She also mysteriously said, “I’m not guilty, but not innocent. Everything that happened was a misunderstanding.”

Gucci Family Blast Lady Gaga’s Gucci Movie House-E!online

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