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Guardian’s View on G7 Hosts: For Biden, Britain is Still Europe | Editorial

Met is a lucky stroke for Boris Johnson in the UK. Holding of this year’s G7 Summit.. As chair of the club for affluent democracy, the prime minister’s agenda is guaranteed to be central. He is first lined up to meet Joe Biden flying to Cornwall for his first official overseas trip as President of the United States on Wednesday.

The choreography pleases Mr Johnson and casts him as an American pointman Europe.. That is the role Britain has traditionally seen in transatlantic relations. The truth is more complicated. Leaving the EU will reduce Britain’s influence in Brussels and reduce its usefulness to Washington as a bridge to other parts of the continent. President Biden sees Brexit as a strategic deficiency, spreading unjustified divisions among the countries that the United States rather wants to unite.

It doesn’t help that Mr Johnson looks down on Britain’s closest neighbor. He has prioritized nationalist bravery over compromise. This is of particular interest in Washington, Ireland, the country where the ancestors of the current US president were born and he has a strong cultural attachment.

Biden is well aware that Britain has behaved cynically in a dispute with Brussels over the Northern Ireland Protocol on the Brexit withdrawal agreement.Wednesday’s meeting in London Exited without solving the problem Although it looks technical on the surface, it is inherently a matter of trust. Johnson has signed an agreement requiring border checks at Irish ports. He then denied the devastating consequences and sought to avoid liability for implementation. From Brussels, it seems that the Prime Minister is cynically updating a treaty that he may never have intended to honor.

Mr Biden does not want to blame publicly and expose divisions when the purpose of his trip is to organize a show of solidarity between democratic governments. Personally, he has already urged Mr Johnson to make the Northern Ireland Protocol work, and he is likely to repeat that message in Cornwall. Johnson must dispel the notion that he is a character, which is common among Democrats in the United States. In the form of Donald Trump, And that Brexit was devised for the illegal acts of sabotage of the international order.

Johnson is a transformative character who can adjust his style to Biden’s agenda. (One of Barack Obama’s former aides said he wasn’t very charitable when he called the Conservative leader.Makeover creep“. The President of the United States is a diplomat and a bridge builder. The two men downplay the difference and amplify the problem of strategically adjusting the country. Cop26 Climate Change Conference In Glasgow later this year.

Johnson sees these summits as a platform for his rhetoric.Global UK– An international player undisturbed by the bonds of the continent. The reality of Britain’s post-EU situation is less appetizing to the taste of Euroscepticists. When President Biden talks about strengthening transatlantic relations, he sees Britain as to what it is in terms of geography and history – a European country. As the G7 caravan moves out of Cornwall and Biden moves to Brussels, Johnson faces the same urgent diplomatic challenges that he had crouched all year round. He must regain functional relations with the EU. It’s a project that begins with respecting the treaty he signed when he left.

Guardian’s View on G7 Hosts: For Biden, Britain is Still Europe | Editorial

Source Guardian’s View on G7 Hosts: For Biden, Britain is Still Europe | Editorial

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