Greyhound Racing: Betting Strategy Guide!

Did you know that greyhounds are the only breed where detailed and strict welfare guidelines are enforced by regulation? These purebred dogs are invaluable in the gambling world. Their excellent peripheral vision and the ability to see 800 meters in front of them make them the best racing dog.

If placing bets on the dogs is your cup of tea, then greyhound racing is the best option. Since many races are being held, you will have plenty of opportunities to formulate a good strategy.

So, here are our tips:

1.   Younger Greyhounds Win Races

To form a good strategy, you must observe all the greyhounds first. You should keep an eye out for performers whose abilities aren’t fully factored into their price tag. A younger dog is the one with fewer races under its belt (maybe 15 or fewer).

Since race dogs learn from experience, a younger dog will be an underdog with more room for improvement. This improvement will result from their growth and strength while becoming familiar with the race tracks and bends.

Look for puppies, too, that are below the two-year-old belt. The race card will have the dog’s age on the right-hand side. Check their history – have they been winning races? Again, they have time to improve and increase their strength. So, they’ll make a major difference in the future.

2.   Early Speed Wins You Races

Greyhound races often have multiple front-runners. So, observe the dogs that finish best (fewer seconds with a healthy, lightning-bolt run). These dogs are the ones that receive good comments like “finishes well” on their scorecard.

3.   Learn the Tracks

You may think that all greyhound tracks look similar. But that’s an incorrect assumption, as one track can be different from the other while giving one dog an edge over the other. Knowing the bends and keeping an eye on the greyhounds that reach that first bend first is essential.

It’s better for the dog you bet on to be in front, taking corners alone, instead of getting in the mayhem of dogs scrapping for a position. Measure time as well to see how fast a dog opens the race. The shorter the track, the more you should focus on the fast front-runners.

4.   Go for Clear Runners

Most dog punters believe that predicting a winner or winners should depend on how clear the dog’s run is. This means that the dog or dogs that maintain a clear run without getting into trouble or interference are better bets.

All this information is on race cards that the online betting platform or physical bookie place will offer. Dogs that prefer to stay wide in the race are denoted by ‘w’ in front of their name.

More information present on these cards is:

This information will allow you to imagine how the race might go. It also highlights the dogs that are more likely to interfere with one another by attempting to run in the same lanes.

5.   Check the Weather

Rain can affect your greyhound wagers. So, you can consider betting on the outside traps if it rains. The race tracks are outlined a little toward the inside. So, the water present on the track will flow to the center.

This makes the run for dogs in the middle more slippery and sloppy. A greyhound running on the inside to maintain its speed would mean chaos. Therefore, going for outside traps in the rainy season can be a good bet.


Greyhound racing is famous among dog lovers and gamblers. Plus, it’s an exciting betting platform. So, punters are more drawn to this sport. Keep our suggestions in mind to gain the competitive advantage you want.


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