Grayce invests £4m+ in new co-working and training hubs during period of rapid growth –

Emerging talent management consultancy, Grayce and Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, today officially announcing the opening of two new £2m+ Grayce co-working spaces in Manchester and London today, as well as a further £2m invested in building its training development programmes. In order to safeguard the future employability of young people by equipping them with the essential skills needed now in this digital age, Grayce has also enhanced its partnership programs to improve digital inclusion and social mobility in technology.

Grayce’s new collaboration hubs, along with the training investment, directly support its rapidly growing Analyst community to develop the most in-demand skills across industries, in data, technology and digital. The workspaces are key to building the interpersonal and technology skills of young professionals and recent graduates, while promoting collaborative learning, through three dedicated Grayce Development Programs – Change+, Data+ and Tech+.

In support of this vital investment in leveling up in the North and in celebration of the expanded partnership programme, Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchesterpresent to officially open the Manchester hub today.

Grayce expands partnership programs to improve social mobility

Grayce is committed to going above and beyond to ensure equal opportunities for all. That’s why it has a carefully selected program of partners to provide new opportunities to improve social mobility and promote its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The consultancy is now a signatory to the Tech Talent Chart, whose goal is to ensure that the UK technology sector can become a truly diverse and inclusive community, accepting people from all backgrounds. Grayce is also partnered with him CFTEa social responsibility initiative and outreach partnership where the Grayce Analyst community and Delivery Management Team helped deliver sessions designed to boost student employability.

Grayce joined in too Manchester Digital hold industry insight sessions at FinTech forums and Digital Skills festivals, to promote diversity and emerging talent in tech to help bridge the skills gap. As well, Manchester Digital run Digital with herwhich is supported by Grayce’s Women in Tech drive as a way to further promote its sponsorship initiative and attract more applicants to Grayce’s scholarship programs and offers.

said Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester “It’s great to see these kinds of partnerships coming to the region. We want to ensure that everyone in Greater Manchester, regardless of age, location or situation, can take advantage of the opportunities that digital brings, including giving and supporting our young people with the skills they need those who wish to prove their employability for the future. That’s what this type of investment will do.

“I am also delighted to see the importance of digital inclusion recognized through these important partnerships, we must make a major commitment to tackling digital exclusion, the consequences of not doing so are dire – and our people at risk of further social isolation , lack of equal opportunities and not being able to access support.”

Geoff Smith, Chief Executive of Grayce, said, “We are hiring more graduates than ever before and we are committed to giving as many talented young people as we can the best possible start to their careers. Our partnerships take this one step further and together we will be able to provide more opportunities for people from all different backgrounds who want to learn new digital skills.

“With the world of work constantly changing, we understand the importance of offering flexible and remote work. However, we also recognize that many young professionals and new graduates want personal interactions and the opportunity to learn together, some of whom have never been in an office or met their colleagues face-to-face before. That’s why we’re investing millions in our new collaborative workspaces, where we’ll be giving our Analysts the opportunity to learn from their peers and colleagues, bounce ideas off each other easily and build meaningful long-term working relationships .”

Growth strategy

All this comes amid a period of rapid growth for Grayce. Its intake of Analysts has increased by 95% in the last 12 months alone, and a further 450 graduates will be hired this year. To date, the consultancy has helped launch the careers of over 2000 graduates and is now serving 65% more clients than in 2016 as the demand for skilled professionals continues to change, details and rising technology. Grayce’s turnover thus increased from £10m in 2019/20 to £30m in 2021/22, representing a 190% increase over three years, with an 89% increase in turnover for the latest financial year compared to the previous year. In addition, in the last three years Grayce has increased its staff from 249 to 637. The FT1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe 2022 recognized Grayce as the 8th The UK’s fastest growing Management Consultancy.

Senior strategic employees

As part of Grayce’s ambitious growth strategy, it is also adding new hires to its senior management team. Kate Davies joined the business in January as COO, bringing with her a wealth of experience as a senior Operations Director, having worked across business change, technology transformation, L&D and international resources for many years.

Sarah Marshall joins as Learning & Development Program Manager, and Dugald McIntosh joins as Practice Director, focused on building Grayce’s Energy and Health Practices.

Vertical practice growth

Grayce’s vertical offering has expanded to meet the growing demand for technology skills in various industries. This has led to the hiring of Product Leaders and advancing the Retail Practice in Consumer Technology as the Retail industry enters recession. Grayce now serves 9 key surgeries with the newest additions of Energy, Utilities & Health. The 9 vertical consultants are: Financial Services; Consumer Technology; Insurance; Energy, Utilities & Health; Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences; Law; FinTech and B2B Tech; Transport & Logistics and Channel Partners.

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Grayce invests £4m+ in new co-working and training hubs during period of rapid growth –

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