Graviteesource UK (t / a secures £ 8m of Series A investment led by Albion VC and Oxx – UK Tech Investment News raises $ 11 million to help organizations easily control a complex application programming interface ecosystem and unleash business value.

  • APIs have become the backbone of global business, connecting complex webs of critical software. However, as it becomes ubiquitous, control and reliability are required. Enterprises need to run the API completely every time.
  • None Gravitee.ioA simple control and user-friendly approach to designing, managing, and monitoring the use of APIs jeopardizes system reliability. It degrades the customer experience, leaves security risks hidden, and undermines the business value of technology investments.
  • is the only next-generation API management platform with integrated Identity & Access Management (IAM) in addition to a very intuitive approach to API management, including a visual API designer, where users develop APIs. Allows you to protect, publish, and monitor. On one platform.
  •’s unique developer-first solution offers the richest open source features on the market and is rapidly being adopted by the industry. The company has grown 163% year-over-year and its customers include UK business finance platforms Tide and Auchan.
  • With an investment from AlbionVC & Oxx, will continue to grow its team throughout development, sales and marketing, allowing it to expand further into the international market.

London, July 22, 2021 – An open source API management platform that provides enterprises and their developers with unprecedented control over the entire API ecosystem, raising $ 11 million in a series A round jointly led by Albion VC and Oxx to manage fast-growing APIs. It helped expand the market. It is estimated to be worth US $ 22 billion by 2028 *.

As the world becomes more digital, the need for connected software has exploded, and APIs are now ubiquitous. This increased reliance on the API offers endless possibilities, but it also means that the API needs to be fully executed each time. Tracking the complex web of APIs being developed and used is a huge task for enterprises, while having to manage security integration.

With customers in 20 countries and 35,000 global downloads per month, makes this task clearly easy for thousands of projects, growing 163% year-over-year.

The open source platform gives organizations control over the entire life cycle of the entire API ecosystem in hours instead of months. Developers can quickly gain control and structured visibility across the network. This ranges from API development to API protection, publishing, performance monitoring, and problem alerting with integrated IAM (Identity & Access Management).

In addition, is the only API management platform of its generation that supports the latest protocols including biometrics and 2FA, and fully integrates its own IAM system. With this feature alone, customers can save weeks of security integration time and thousands of support contract costs.

Without control and insight into, the use of APIs, the reliability of the system is at stake. It degrades the customer experience, leaves security risks hidden, and undermines the business value of technology investments.

With this funding, will continue to grow the team throughout development, sales and marketing, strengthening support for the development team’s community and accelerating the delivery of’s extended vision for API control. It can be further expanded to the international market. was born out of the frustration that a group of expert developers felt with first-generation API management tools. The feature-rich, developer-first open source tools they built for themselves rapidly attracted customers, including today’s leading French retailer and UK business finance platform Tide. I am.

This demand and enterprise-grade support allowed the team to successfully bootstrap the company to its current position. CEO, Rory Blundell:

“Businesses that get the most out of their data are more successful. That’s why effective API management is becoming a core competence. The challenge for IT teams is connecting existing data silos with new streaming data sources. And share them in a consistent way, protect them according to best practices, and make them easy to manage. makes the process easy for developers and system architects. AlbionVC and Oxx have found partners who recognize the value that simple API control can bring to digital enterprises. With their help, open source management of the API ecosystem. Can accelerate our mission to bring to the global developer community. “

Albion VC Investor Paul Lehair:

“I was very impressed with what the team has achieved so far. They have been bootstrapped to build the richest open source API management platform and clients across sectors and territories. We have always beat our competitors thanks to our flexible platform. continues to build category-leading businesses in this vast space so we can support it in the next phase of growth. I’m glad. “

OxxO General Partner Mikael Johnson:

“As companies around the world become more dependent on their API infrastructure, API management is becoming mainstream worldwide. delivers unprecedented commercial flexibility and superior ROI. Our mission is to solve complex business problems with one easy-to-use platform. has a comprehensive approach to API management to quickly and intuitively build, manage and monitor APIs. And seamlessly integrates Identity and Access Management (IAM).’s remarkable growth is a testament to the support of the developer community. We are building a category-leading company. We share the vision of the team and are excited to partner with Rory and the team to accelerate to meet global demand. “

Guy Duncan, CTO of Tide:

“We were looking for a solution to take the API to the next level. provides a robust, highly automated, scalable and secure complete API management system.’s open source nature is essential to Tide, and’s ongoing innovation is driven by being open source, helping to grow the Tide business. Together, we will help grow steadily. Full support for open banking is perfect for Tide’s platform. ”

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About is a feature-rich, easy-to-use and cost-effective open source API platform. The platform provides API management, identity and access management, alerts, and multi-tenant dashboards, enabling easy control, security, and governance of the API ecosystem. It provides full support for the open banking API. provides support, hosting, training, and consulting to help businesses succeed in their API journey.

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Graviteesource UK (t / a secures £ 8m of Series A investment led by Albion VC and Oxx – UK Tech Investment News

Source link Graviteesource UK (t / a secures £ 8m of Series A investment led by Albion VC and Oxx – UK Tech Investment News

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