Grand Designs viewers were stunned by an urban home the size of a carriage in the London Underground.

Viewers of GRAND Designs couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a house as small as a carriage in the London Underground.

The Channel 4 series unveiled its annual House of the Year special, featuring a small house in southern London.


Grand Designs viewers were in awe of the small house built in London


It was designed by architects and couples, Sally and Sandy Rendell

The “Slot House” was designed by married architectural couples Sally and Sandy Rendell.

They built a house in a 2.8 meter gap alongside the house and came up with a series of innovative ideas to make the most of the small space.

Sandy told host Michel Ogundehin:

“It’s a very modest little house. But hopefully it proves that you can create something of value in such a small space. It also has something of its quality.”

Some of the features of the house include exposed materials that allow more space because the plaster is not boarded.

The couple also chose “a slim steel frame to build the skeleton of the house” and fixed the stairs to the structure to save space.

The mezzanine study hung in the living room facing the window behind the double-decker, leading to a small garden.

On the first floor, there was an open-plan living room and a double-height kitchen.

There was a study, a bedroom and a bathroom on the second floor.

Sandy and Sally also chose to use clay-made brick slips, fired biscuits, and soaked in pewter and gold glaze.

They are located outside the building and are one-third the size of traditional bricks.

The obsolete alley once led to several stores, and when the couple bought the land, they were given permission to build a three-bedroom family home.

“It shouldn’t be a family home, it’s a small scrap of land. It was just trying to find the right level of development for the plot,” Sandy said.

Sally added, “I’ve been told many times by developers that development is delayed, but in reality I wanted to create something nice, sustainable, and livable with some joy.” I added.

Viewers at Grand Designs were amazed at what they saw and couldn’t believe that such a small house would look so beautiful.

“It’s pretty good for a small place,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another addition: “I love slot houses”.

And the third wrote, “I am impressed with the architecture of the slot house. The steelworks are wonderful.”


The “Slot House” is 2.8 meters wide and is the size of a carriage on the London Underground.


The couple built it next to their house


The house is surprisingly spacious due to the very small ones


It was built in an alley that was no longer used with the permission to build a three bedroom house


The couple came up with innovative measures to avoid taking up too much space in building materials.


Grand Designs expert Michelle was surprised at home
The Grand Designs mansion was selected as the final candidate for this year’s home, with a refurbished water tower and 132 stairs.

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Grand Designs viewers were stunned by an urban home the size of a carriage in the London Underground.

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