Graham Potter claims that Robert Sanchez will “return stronger” after suspension

Brighton boss Graham Potter Goalkeeper Robert Sanchez feels that the pause will bring him back stronger from his forced spells on the sidelines.

The Spaniards were sent off during the stoppage of a one-on-one draw with Newcastle because Callum Wilson was unable to complete the clear run with a goal.

The 24-year-old Sanchez had plenty of time to refocus as Jason Steele represented the defeat at Aston Villa last weekend.

However, Potter believes that Leeds’ arrival at Amex Stadium on Saturday will allow Sanchez to use his experience to train himself in future challenges.

“We believe in Rob a lot. We also know his qualities and Jason’s qualities, so we are very fortunate to have two different goalkeepers at two different stages of our career, but both. It’s very important to us, “says Potter.

“Rob responded well. I was disappointed with the results of the day because we weren’t able to finish the match as we expected due to a draw.

“It’s a possible football action, so Rob isn’t responsible and has nothing to do with it. It’s part of his experience and development as a player.

“We are all behind him, and he will come back strongly for it.”

Potter added:

“(Goalkeeper coach) Ben Roberts is working really well with him and he has the support of his team from everyone here.

“We believe in him. The sky is his limit because we know his qualities, but he is still a young goalkeeper and cannot shorten the process. That is the reality.

“No matter what we do professionally, we have to take a step through the process to get there, but Rob’s belief is incredibly high and he will be great for us. Probably. “

Brighton’s host, Leeds, is still looking for his first league victory since September 19.

Despite losing to Villa in Steven Gerrard’s first match, seagulls have proved difficult to beat in the last few weeks with five draws from the previous six league matches.

“We weren’t terrible (against the villa), but not as good as we wanted. To win this league, we really have to do well,” Brighton said. Said the boss.

“We’ve been looking for something better. This group is an honest group and it was great throughout the season in terms of how they work.

“It was really good because they want to improve, they want to get better, they want to understand what they can do, and now we are looking forward to the next game.

Brighton may make the midfielder Enock Mwepu available again following muscle tension, but forward Aaron Connolly has recovered from heel problems.

Graham Potter claims that Robert Sanchez will “return stronger” after suspension

Source link Graham Potter claims that Robert Sanchez will “return stronger” after suspension

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