Government requires entry into Covid-19 vaccine passport

The government has begun requesting evidence as part of the proposed review Covid-19 vaccine passportWe seek feedback from organizations and individuals with relevant expertise, and the general public of interest.

As the Prime Minister previously revealed on the Covid-19 Exit Roadmap, Westminster said that certain technical vaccine passports will help the UK economy resume, relax restrictions on social contact, and improve public security in the future. I am investigating whether or not. Several months.

Such authentication can almost necessarily be focused on mobile applications, but testing or vaccination data could be used to ensure that people are less at risk of transmitting the virus in different settings. there is.

The review takes into account the surrounding aspects Ethical, equality, privacy, legal and operational factors, And what restrictions should be placed on organizations that use authentication.

Michael Gove, Minister and Prime Minister of the Duke of Lancaster Lead the probe, States as follows. “This review of Covid status certification is an important part of the plan to reopen and return the country to normal.

“But we recognize that there are complex issues of ethics, privacy and inclusion that need to be considered carefully. That’s why Covid status certification and the implications that can help inform reviews. I want to hear as much as possible about this, “says Gove.

Live test of one proposed vaccine passport solution developed by Mvine And iProov With support from Innovate UK using the funds originally announced during the first wave of the pandemic, there are two trials currently underway and set to be reported in the next two weeks. This technology uses an unspecified “mathematical model” of the user’s face to associate the user with a reference number linked to a Covid-19 test or vaccination.

This process allows you to prove your Covid-19 status, and doctors and nurses can confirm that this is accurate by making sure that the status is linked only to you. Is claimed. This probably means that no specific identification of the individual is required and the ID is not captured or stored.

However, many privacy campaigners are uncertain whether such measures are effective or used properly. If you comment on the February review, Open Rights Group Jim Killock said: “Vaccine passports are highly discriminatory and can invade personal privacy. They can be used as an excuse for ID cards from the back door. And the expected benefits are limited. It may be temporary. “

The review is supposed to be included before the plan Fourth stage of blockade mitigation planIs currently set to occur by June 21, and if done as expected, will effectively lift all legal restrictions on social contact and end the blockade.

Westminster also publishes the terms and conditions of the review, showing its full purpose and scope, and a timetable for reporting. This can be read here.. On the other hand, the request for evidence is Monday, March 29..

Government requires entry into Covid-19 vaccine passport

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