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Government Announces £ 38m for Major New Devon Road Plan

  • The government will fund millions of pounds of road planning in Devon and will provide significant boost to the local economy as we build better
  • The scheme presents an overhaul of the A382 and a variety of new routes to accommodate more active forms of travel.
  • The announcement is the latest example of a government leveling up transportation and providing better travel to people across the country.

An important new road plan to improve travel times, provide new cycling and walking routes, and support the construction of thousands of homes in Devon will receive over £ 38 million in government funding.

The project will undertake a major overhaul of major transport links in the county, including plans to upgrade the A382 and build a new dual roadway near Newton Abbot.

Today’s funding announcement was part of the government’s efforts to accelerate recovery from the pandemic and strengthen national transportation links.

Transport Minister Baroness Vere said:

This multi-million pound investment will completely change the transportation environment in this region of Devon.

The money will be directed towards reducing congestion and drivers in the area will be able to enjoy a better and faster journey. Not only that, the plan includes a variety of plans to make it safer and easier for pedestrians and cyclists to move around the area in order to regain a more environmentally friendly one from the pandemic.

The government is working to upgrade the region across the country and will continue to support the local economy by investing in transportation projects in these regions.

Councilor John Hurt, leader of the Devon County Council, said:

We would like to thank the Ministry of Transport for providing this funding.

This is the final stage of a major investment program in the A382 Corridor, the culmination of several years of investment by the Council.

Very important to Newton Abbot’s economy, it unleashes the development of new homes and jobs, reducing travel time, increasing safety and reducing congestion. It also provides safe, high-quality cycling and pedestrian routes, providing those who want to make short trips a viable alternative transportation option.

The total cost of the scheme will reach £ 44.85 million and the Devon County Council will provide the remaining £ 6.7 million along with the Department of Transportation’s £ million contribution.

The project will spread the A382 between the Trago Roundabout and Forches Cross, increasing road capacity, reducing congestion and giving more drivers access to the Newton Abbot area. This will help build 2,500 new homes in the region and pave the way for the region’s economy to continue to grow. A new dual roadway will also be built between the Drum Bridge and the Trago Roundabout.

Pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy a better journey with plans to share a bike-only road with pedestrians along the length of the road, along with a bridge to allow safe crossing.

A shared pedestrian and cyclist path will be built along Exeter Road, with plans to widen the road to reduce congestion.

As part of the plan, a green light was also given to build the planned Jetty Marsh II connection. This will provide a new road between White Hill Cross and the West Gold Way, a shared path adjacent to the route, and reduced Exeter traffic. Provides a better link to the road and A38.

Government Announces £ 38m for Major New Devon Road Plan

SourceGovernment Announces £ 38m for Major New Devon Road Plan

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