Gordon Ramsay calls his daughter’s boyfriend “pathetic” and remembers “shaking” the time he left him.

Gordon Ramsay He revealed his thoughts on his daughter Megan’s on and off boyfriend, Byron, and branded him “a little wet.”

The chef discussed the problem with the singer Kelly Clarkson At her talk show after being asked how he treats his daughter’s dating life.

Gordon is the father of three daughters, Megan (23), Holly (22), Tilly (20), son Jack (22), and two-year-old Oscar.

“I’m sometimes very naughty,” Gordon admitted to Kelly. “I just want the girls to take care of each other.”

After that, the five dads talked about Byron “it was okay at first” and then explained that it was “a little wet”.

Gordon Ramsay Appears at Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday, January 5th

“You want a man to date your daughter, but he was just a little pathetic.”

Kelly laughed in response: “Byron is peeing his pants somewhere.”

Gordon even virtually gate-crashed one of Megan and Byron’s dates after persuading Tilly to give him Byron’s number.

Tilly warned the Master Chef judge not to do anything with it, and he claimed he only wanted his number due to an emergency.

Gordon recalled: “She gave it to me and said,’Dad does nothing.’ If you have any problems, you’ll need his number on the phone.”

“So I was waiting to find them eating dinner together, and I Face Timed him.”

Megan Ramsay is the eldest son of five children
Megan Ramsay is the eldest son of five children

Gordon has Holly's boyfriend "Pathetic" When "A little wet"
Gordon branded Megan’s boyfriend as “poor” and “slightly wet”

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Byron seemed “quivering” when he received a call from a famous enthusiastic chef, but Megan came to his rescue and hung up Gordon.

Gordon said it was “very rude” and he was in the middle of a “proper chat” with her unprotected boyfriend.

Gordon’s time at Kelly Clarkson’s show with him His family enjoyed a festive trip to the Maldives together.

In a photo shared on Instagram, a famous chef showed off his toned physique while wearing a blue-patterned swimsuit and Oscar wearing matching shorts.

Gordon Gram
Gordon recently traveled to the Maldives with his family

Gordon captioned Sweet Snap: “Little Man Big Man Happy New Year Lots of Love from All Ramsey”.

Gordon’s children also shared a series of holiday snaps, including their second daughter Holly. — —The one that attracted the attention of Chloe Kardashian.

In the photo, Holly smiles at the camera in a leopard print string bikini the day before her 22nd birthday.

Holly was flooded with compliments, including Chloe, who branded Holly as “superb.”

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Gordon Ramsay calls his daughter's boyfriend "pathetic" and remembers "shaking" the time he left him.

Source link Gordon Ramsay calls his daughter's boyfriend "pathetic" and remembers "shaking" the time he left him.

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