Google Workspace provides updates for Meet, Chat and Voice

Google Workspace has announced a range of updates for its Meet, Chat, and Voice apps, aimed at improving your communication and collaboration hybrid teams.

Most updates are related to Google updates Google Meet video conferencing platform. Mar reopening offices and some workers go back to conducting personal meetings, cooperating vendors are under pressure to ensure that both remote and physical attendees have the same meeting experience.

Earlier this year, Google has announced its own hybrid work plans, with the company expecting the majority of its employees to be in the office around three days a week.

Google Meet levels the hybrid work pitch

To balance the hybrid work pitch, Google is introducing reagents in meetings that will allow attendees to visually express themselves with emojis. Users will be able to import documents from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides into virtual meetings and present them all from the same tab.

Companion Mode Updates mean that those physically present in conference rooms will be able to add their own personal video tile from their laptop camera, making it easier for other attendees to make their comments and gestures to see. This update works exactly to ensure that those in physical space have the same experience as people working remotely.

A new picture-in-picture feature will allow presenters and hosts running Meet on Chrome browsers to see their audience while navigating various tabs and windows, and begin to experience those who use hardware trusted Google Meet, including products from Logitech, Acer and Asus. automatic noise cancellation.

For larger meetings, Google is adding the ability to post questions and answers and polls in live streams and, later this year, will be able to stream live meeting hosts directly to YouTube from the Meet activities tab .

Finally, from May, Google will be rolling out updates to bring optional client – side encryption to Google Meet, and later this year it will introduce optional one – to – one encryption for all meetings.

Google Chat and Voice updates

While the updates to Google Meet aim to improve real-time collaboration, Google is looking to enhance its other platforms to help facilitate further asynchronous ways of working.

Google Spaces (what Rooms instead in Google Chat last year) now offer inline threading, allowing space members to respond to specific comments and create side conversations, while keeping the dialogue organized and contextual.

Users can now invite others to join Space through a shared link, and later this year, Google says it will allow users to search and join any Spaces across an organization. Searching within Chat and Spaces is also being improved with the introduction of filter chips for chat search results later this year.

Staffing limits in the Spaces will increase to 8,000 and then again to 25,000 by the end of the year. Google is also adding features that improve content moderation, the ability to name managers, guidelines for specific Spaces, and new administrative capabilities for deleting Spaces.

Updates to Google Voice include a SIP Link that will allow customers to connect SIP trunks from their chosen telecom carrier, enable on-demand call recording and automated call recording.

On-demand call recording will be available to Standard and Premier subscribers from next month, and automated call recording will only be available to Premier subscribers.

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Google Workspace provides updates for Meet, Chat and Voice

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