Goldberg star Jeff Garlin talks about investigating improper conduct on the set

Jeff Garlin denies allegations that he behaved improperly in his ABC comedy series The Goldbergs set.

A 59-year-old stand-up comedian who has been part of the main cast since the series premiered in 2019 claimed in a long interview that he is still part of the series. Vanity Fair It was released on Friday.

The actor also downplayed the allegations that he defended himself as a “hug” after speaking inappropriate words on the set and complaining about being touched by sources.

Proceeding his case: Jeff Garlin, 59, denies allegations that he “engaged in patterns of oral and physical behavior in sets that offended people” in an interview released by Vanity Fair on Friday. bottom. Seen in Burbank, California in 2018.

Garlin, who plays his father at the family sitcom, was told by three former show performers that he “engaged in patterns of oral and physical behavior in sets that made people uncomfortable.”

One source said his actions did not personally offend him, even though others thought it was “insulting or non-professional.”

Insiders claimed that some people on the set were offended by the actors touching and hugging them, but whether any of the offending parties told him they were offended. I’m not sure.

“He called it, so he stopped it — he said he was a big teddy bear and said:”‘A source claimed.

In his interview, Garlin revealed that he is still working on the series.

“No, I wasn’t fired from Goldberg. I’ve never been fired from Goldberg,” he said.

In the statement sent to Man, A spokesman for Sony Pictures Television wrote: ‘The well-being of our cast and crew is of paramount importance to us. This is an employment issue and is addressed by personnel and production.

Still employed: Garlin emphasized that he was not fired from ABC’s Goldberg, claiming that one complaint about him from his substitute was a “totally overlooked” joke.Still from Goldberg

“I didn’t write those words”: The comedian denied sending a text to a Goldberg colleague saying he should go to the next table-reading only in panties Please give me. Seen on November 26th in Burbank, California.

Garlin denied that the quarrel had a physical component after being asked about the case of the surrogate, which was described as both “physical and verbal.”

“And the verbal part was a completely overlooked joke,” he continued, adding that he personally likes the unnamed man and his wife.

“If someone misses a joke, it’s a shame for me. I don’t like it,” he said, but he refused to reveal what the joke was and called it “ridiculous.” He called it “ta” and said “misunderstood.”

A comedian currently on a stand-up tour to help a comedy club damaged by a coronavirus pandemic denies that he has never sent a text to his Goldberg colleagues that he should go to the next table. Did. ‘

“I didn’t write those words, and I want to see the text and who I sent it to,” he replied. “But all I write that way is about jokes. I respect women and women’s bodies. I don’t think it’s funny, so I won’t make jokes.”

Garlin argued that there was “no story” behind the claim, suggesting that it was all a misunderstanding about his attempts to enhance humor.

“My opinion is that I have my process about how interesting I am about the scene and what I have to do. [Sony] I feel that the quote will be an “unsafe” workspace, “he said.

“I’m always a kind and caring person. I make mistakes, but my comedy is to relieve people’s pain,” he continued. “Why do I want to cause someone to hurt because of laughter? It’s bullying. It’s just not sought after.”

Part of the job? He argued that the only complaint about his verbal behavior was that he was “stupid” in the set needed for the comedy process. Taken in Los Angeles in 2017

Garlin went on to say, “HR has come to me for the third year in a row because of my actions on the set.”

He didn’t say what started the investigation, but claimed that they went beyond the “stupid” problem.

“If you’re stupid and offensive and you work for an insurance company, I think it’s a different situation,” Comic claimed.

“As a star of the show, if I requested a shooting range and a set, fired a gun every day and was a little loose, it would be a dangerous working environment,” he continued. “If I threaten people, it’s a dangerous work environment.

“None of that happens to me, it’s not who I am,” he said, adding that “there was no big story” unless it was surrounded by “political correctness.” rice field.

Garlin then denied all sorts of physical misconduct and said that anyone who complains about his verbal behavior on the set has it for him.

When it comes to unwanted hug questions, Curb Your Enthusiasm star told him that a set of people who never wanted to be embraced by him would tell him.

“I’m definitely a hug. And it’s a quick hug, but I didn’t realize that everyone was feeling — so if you want to write that story, it’s a real story. “He said. “It makes them responsible for saying something, and I happily respect those who say,” Don’t hug me. I don’t feel comfortable. ” “

Impressive Feelings: Garlin admitted that he was a “certain hug” after facing complaints, but said offended people wanted to talk to him or the producer before the appointment. Seen in New York in 2019 with Netflix COO Ted Salandos

But he said, “HR has never said a word to me about hugs.”

Garlin agreed that the hugs that offend someone are “wrong.”

In response to a question about Garlin, he insists that he “says things that make people uncomfortable and insulting in the set,” and that it is his “stupidity in the set,” and is acceptable at work. He said he thought it was possible. The offending party was talking to him or one of the producers about his concerns before raising the issue to HR.

He repeated not being fired again, but he showed that negotiations were underway with the series about his future.

“We are coming to a place where we can reach an agreement,” he said. “I can behave that way [they want] or not. As you can see, I haven’t been fired and I haven’t been fired. “

He also said he wouldn’t In honor of my ridiculous or something when he got back to work.

Garlin concludes the interview by claiming he rarely returned to the ninth season because he was “boring” by filming it, and he didn’t even update the series in the tenth season. I suggested it might be.

Tired of it: Garlin said he was “bored” by Goldberg and almost left before filming the ninth season, suggesting that the tenth season may not be updated.Still from Golberg

Goldberg star Jeff Garlin talks about investigating improper conduct on the set

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