Goggles Box sisters Erie and Itzi Warner look adorable with nostalgic childhood snaps

Goggles boxEllie Warner shared a lovely retrospective photo of her and her sister Itzi, People who are also appearing in the show, Mark her sister’s birthday.

In Snap, Erie and Itzi can be seen together as a young girl posing in a professional school photo.

Ellie snapped in a V-neck jumper, shirt and tie, while her sister’s second-year junior, Itzi, is staring at the camera with a green jumper.

Ellie captioned the post: “Happy Birthday to my sister from the same Mr.”.

Since then, Googlebox fans have commented on the post, noting how sweet the two sisters looked while wishing Izzi a happy birthday.

Erie and Itzi Warner looked adorable in their retrospective photos at school shared on Instagram

Ellie and Itzi first appeared in the Gogglebox in 2015

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“Happy Birthday lzzi has a great birthday week,” wrote one person.

“The two best-Happy Birthday Itzi,” said another, as the third person wrote. Love from all of us xx “.

Izzi is a proud mother of two children. 7 year old Bobby And her one-year-old daughter, Bessie Rose-recently proved She is not a big fan of Santa Claus.

Izzi and her sister first appeared on the show in 2015 and have since become a fan favorite.

Izzi and her sister Ellie are fans of the Gogglebox show.

When Ellie was featured in the episode, the pair recently made the viewer talk. An object that definitely looks like a penis.

However, a 31-year-old child later relieved people’s dirty hearts and revealed that it was a dog toy.

Last month, Erie wrote a pink object in an Instagram story to 377,000 followers:

“I used it as a drumstick for Rolling in the Deep, so I put it on my lap, but I couldn’t see that part. I’m sorry to ruin the fun.”

Goggles box viewers wondered what happened to Erie’s hands

Gogglebox is a popular Channel 4 show, but most people who star in Gogglebox also do other jobs, including Izzi.

Earlier this year, now 29 years old was announced Her new business venture Then, using social media, she restructured herself as an independent mortgage adviser to contact potential real estate buyers on her page.

Izzi worked on a mortgage for many years before launching her own business on social media named Izzi Warner Mortgages.

She wrote on her page at the time of its creation: “Thank you for coming to check my page.

“You may not even know about me, but I’ve actually worked on mortgages for the past seven years!”

She continued: “In my last job as a mortgage underwriter, I have all the skills, knowledge and experience to help you on your journey!”

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Goggles Box sisters Erie and Itzi Warner look adorable with nostalgic childhood snaps

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