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  • The funding was Satellite Vu’s second successful funding in the last six months, raising a total of £ 19m (US $ 26m) during the period.
  • With the new funding, the company will be able to launch seven British satellites into space and monitor the thermal footprint of any building on Earth every one to two hours.
  • Satellite Vu’s latest round of funding, £ 15 million ($ 20.7 million), was led by Seraphim Space Investment Trust Plc, the world’s first publicly traded space technology fund. Also, the investment in the round includes Draper Esprit. A / O PropTech, Europe’s largest PropTech VC and Ridgeline venture.

London October 19, 2021: British satellite scale up Satellite VuWas founded in 2016 and has successfully raised £ 15m ($ 20.7m). This is to strengthen our plans to launch seven thermal and infrared imaging satellites into space so that we can provide real-time data on how green all buildings are. The planet is.

The latest oversubscribed Satellite Vu funding round of £ 15 million ($ 20.7 million) was led by Seraphim Space Investment Trust Plc, the world’s first publicly traded space technology fund. Also, Draper Esprit is investing in the round. A / O PropTech, Europe’s largest proptech VC. Ridgeline Ventures; Earth Science Foundation; E2MC Ventures and Stella Solutions / Ford Family Trust.

The funding round highlighted Satellite Vu’s rapid growth, and the company raised £ 3.6m ($ 5m) in seed round funding just six months ago.

Manufactured in Guildford, Surrey, England, Satellite Vu’s first satellite collects real-time temperature data about the Earth’s building environment several times a day, energy efficiency and how individual buildings are used and occupied. Enables important insights into what is happening. The first satellite will be launched into orbit in October 2022.

This data can be updated every 1-2 hours, and infrared coverage guarantees coverage even at night.

By measuring the heat emitted from a building, Satellite Vu can indicate whether individual buildings are being heated efficiently or which parts of the city are the worst emission criminals. Provide data.

This is very important when it comes to the built environment, as the real estate industry is one of the biggest causes of climate change.It configures 40% of world carbon emissions When considering construction and building performance.

Satellite Vu data has the potential to be a game changer for anyone involved in real estate and infrastructure building, financing and insurance. By providing global data at the microlocal level, this technology allows real estate market players to make appropriate changes to make building inventories more environmentally friendly.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called the recent IPCC report the “Red Code for Humanity” and emphasized how important the changes that are being made to begin tackling climate change. But without accurate data, both the private and public sectors struggle to make the right decisions fast enough to ensure that the pace of change is fast enough.

Insurance companies, investors, banks and building owners can all use the data to make more informed decisions. For example, regulators are also considering cracking down on leaky commercial buildings in the UK, raising the minimum standard for energy performance certificates to grade B and planning to determine thousands of assets as stranded assets.

Owners and funders of these buildings need to know which parts of their portfolio may violate the following regulations and, as a result, adjust their valuation and buy-and-hold strategies.

The initial use of the data is for the build environment, but the data can also be used for the following purposes:

  • Pollution flows into rivers and the sea
  • Wildfire surveillance
  • Ocean Security (Trafficking / Pirates / Illegal Fishing)
  • Monitor compliance, safety, and net zero credentials for industrial processes such as mining, steel, and cement
  • Regulators can use the data to ensure that sustainability standards are accurate.

Satellite Vu is the British Space Agency’s National Space Innovation Program (NSIP) Supports the construction of infrared sensors for the first satellite. NS British government Recently, we launched a national space strategy aimed at advancing British space technology. This included measures to support businesses such as satellites that help address global challenges such as climate change.

Satellite VU will participate in COP26.

Anthony Baker, CEO of Satellite Vu, said:

“COP26 is imminent and parts of Europe and the United States are suffering from record-breaking summers, so we need to act now to mitigate the impact of climate change on our daily lives and the economy. However, while many consider industries such as aviation to be some of the least sustainable, the environment built is actually a major pollutant around the world. However, regular individual monitoring of these buildings is too expensive in terms of both time and cost, so many environmental and sustainable assessments are often years. It’s out of date. If we obviously need to act now, it’s simply not enough, meaning that many people aren’t aware of how bad the building’s performance is in terms of sustainability. increase.

“The breakthrough use of infrared and thermal imaging technology on our satellites means that landlords, funders, insurance companies, governments and regulators have access to real-time information at an affordable cost. A possible building actually means that we can take steps to make it more sustainable. This latest round of financing is the first satellite launch in late 2022. It means that you can look forward to it and start the process of securing the remaining 6 delivery slots. “

James Bruegger, CIO of Seraphim SpaceLLP, Investment Manager of Seraphim Investment Trust, said: “We have been working on SatelliteVu for many years, first through the accelerator program and then through multiple investments. The significant increase in our investment is a serious impact of high resolution infrared satellite data on the world. It shows great expectations to hold in solving the problem. For the world to achieve net zero, 40% of all carbon emissions come directly / indirectly from buildings. Finding a way to identify the worst energy-wasting buildings on a global scale is an urgent issue. Satellite Vu’s high-resolution, high-revisit infrared satellite constellation by measuring the thermal footprint of every building on the planet. Holds the key to solving this. “

Gregory Dewerpe, founder of A / OPropTech, said:

“Investing in the fight against climate change means driving innovation and bold ideas, but if you have the hope of reaching zero net ambitions, you have to do it now. It also means that real estate is one of the most polluted asset classes in the world and one of the largest. This will only achieve the Net Zero goal globally if the real estate is successfully decarbonized. That means you can. Accurate real-time measurements of Satellite Vu’s energy performance provide the only correct source of information on building emissions calculations, benchmarks, and reductions, and can provide accurate priorities. , Not based on current regulations or systems. Past operational usage data can be executed on a large scale and systematically. “

George Chalmers, Draper Esprit said:

“Modifying existing building stock in the world is an important tool for achieving the Net Zero roadmap. Currently, we have the insights we need to deploy the trillions of dollars needed in this area on a large scale. Lacking. Consistent and robust data is essential at all layers of the stack, from governments and regulators to financial firms and insurers.

“Satellite Vu brings a whole new category of data and solutions to these important markets. We measure the energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions of the built world and we promise the Earth. I believe it could lead the way in achieving that. “


About satellite Vu

Satellite Vu was founded to bring satellite technology to meet our global challenges. New satellite technology can be used to monitor the temperature of any building on the planet in near real time to determine valuable insights into economic activity, energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions. Satellite Vu effectively provides the Earth’s thermometer in space.

About Seraphim Space Investment Trust

Seraphim Space Investment Trust is the world’s first listed fund focused on Space Tech. We are primarily a privately funded space technology business in early and growing stages that has the potential to dominate the world and is a sector leader with pioneering advantages in areas such as climate, telecommunications, mobility and cybersecurity. I’m looking for exposure to.

The Company was listed on the Premium Segment of the London Stock Exchange on July 14, 2021 after an oversubscribed IPO raised £ 178.4 million. It is currently in contact with 17 space technology companies and has agreed to acquire investment in two more companies by December 31, 2021.

The Seraphim Space Investment Trust is managed by the Seraphim Space (Manager) LLP.

For more information, please visit the following URL:

About A / O PropTechw

Europe’s largest proptech VC company investing in technology companies that will transform the world built. A / O’s mission is to transform real estate into a more digital, efficient and accessible asset class by applying innovative technologies and business models. Our vision is to improve quality of life, accelerate sustainable living and enable decarbonization of the world’s largest asset class.

For more information, please visit.

About Draper Esprit

Draper Esprit is one of Europe’s most active venture capital firms investing in disruptive, high-growth technology companies. We believe that the best entrepreneurs in Europe can build future global businesses. We support their growth with long-term capital, access to international networks, and decades of business-building experience.

For more information, please visit.

About Ridgeline Ventures

Ridgeline Ventures becomes a commercial-centric technology that can transform defense and national security through advances in space, the Internet of Things, software (devtools, big data, enterprise software), and artificial intelligence (computer vision, deep learning, machine learning). I’m investing. Ridgeline will typically invest in Series A or earlier and become deeply involved in our market entry in defense and national security.

About Stella Solution / Ford Family Cancelable Trust

Stellar Solutions, Inc., a women-owned SME founded by Celeste Ford in 1995. Has provided influential engineering services, end-to-end technical expertise, and creative solutions to key domestic and international customers. ”

About Earth Sciences Foundation (ESF)

ESF is a non-profit corporation founded in the United States with a focus on investing in companies that address global challenges.

About E2MC Venture

E2MC Ventures is a venture capital firm specializing in the space sector, investing globally from the seed stage. Our team, based in Switzerland and the United States, has decades of experience in space, investment and entrepreneurship.

Global Satellite Vu Secures £ 15m in Series A Investment Led by Seraphim Space Investment Trust – UK Tech Investment News

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