Giovani Henrso, Cristian Romero and Davinson Sanchez’s Tottenham Trio could face Chelsea

Tottenham Boss Nuno Espirito Santo To tell Geovaniro Serso With Cristian Romero Davinson Sanchez Selection against Chelsea will be considered.

All three players have been in Croatia for the past 10 days after making a dissenting decision. Premier League Rules and travel South America World Cup qualifying.

Roselso and Romero traveled to Argentina while Sanchez was in Colombia. So if they went straight to England, they would have had to go through strict quarantine.

Instead, they circumvented it by going to Croatia, where the rules were relaxed, and the Spurs sent sports scientists to try to keep them in shape.

They will return to England on Saturday morning and train with the team in the afternoon. In other words, you might attend the London Derby on Sunday.

Nuno said: “They arrive on Saturday and have a training session in the afternoon.

“If they are available and appropriate, we need to consider them at this moment if we consider them optional.

“They are working hard with sports scientists in Croatia. They are not the same, but in some situations they need to be properly evaluated.

“Of course, we expect to be able to join all groups in the afternoon.”

Davinson Sanchez in the center is one of Tottenham’s recent absentees (David Davies / PA)

(PA wire)

The trio’s decision not to follow Premier League rules after the club voted not to release players traveling to Red List countries last month frustrated Nuno, who had no three key players in the last two games. I let you.

“When we talk about it, that’s what we have to understand,” he added.

“We need to understand what happened because of the restrictions, but it was difficult for us as a group.

“It was hard because absenteeism is always a problem. I need to adapt, but I hope I can come back on Saturday and look forward to it normally.”

Another problem that Nuno had to deal with was Harry Kane He folds after failing to get a summer transfer to Manchester City.

The English captain hasn’t returned to training until two days before the season begins and hasn’t taken a step yet this season.

Nuno says there’s more to come.

“Harry is a great player,” he said. “His quality, talent. I think he has to improve.

“We are trying to find the highest level of fitness. His dedication was enormous.”

Son Heung Min (Calf) and Eric Dier (Dead Leg) are fighting for a visit on the side of Thomas Tuchel.

Neither traveled to France Europa Conference League Collision with Renne, here Stephen Belfwin When Lucas Moura I staggered.

Nuno couldn’t say if the latter two would fit Sunday, Japhet Tanganga It will be interrupted.

Giovani Henrso, Cristian Romero and Davinson Sanchez’s Tottenham Trio could face Chelsea

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