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Technological startup for NORTH hospitality, GigPiggot a seven-digit pre-seed
investment as it launches its new concert booking and management platform.

The investment will be used to build a sales and customer service team, allowing GigPig to do so
expand its reach and effectively serve both its corporate clients and musicians.

Launched this year, GigPig allows accommodations to book musicians directly,
removing third party involvement and linking to operations, finance and headquarters headquarters
marketing departments. The startup is currently working with the likes of Mission Mars, Arc
Inspirations, Crazy Pedros, STACK, Apartment Group, NQ64 and Ramona.

In addition to its ease of use for venues, musicians are able to manage their own live dates
through the use of integrated calendar systems and automatic accounting tools to manage
billing and payment.

Founded by four entrepreneurs, Michael Forster, Andrew Garner, Kit Muir-Rogers and Ed
Francis, GigPig was born from a combined passion for music and hospitality. The online
the platform was developed with both musicians and locals in mind, creating a portal that
increases the opportunities for both parties.

Michael Forster, co-founder and CEO of GigPig, began his career in the music industry
30 years ago, founding AMV Live Music with Andrew Garner, co-founder and COO of
GigPig, in 2010. Today, AMV Live Music books musicians at over 6,500 concerts a year.

Commenting on the new venture, Michael said: “The idea of ​​GigPig was born when one
of our large multi-location clients have inquired about bringing their bookings internally and
essentially licensed our existing bespoke booking platform. At first we were hesitant, but us
he soon began to see an opportunity to remove a booking agent as a third party and allow
premises to book the musicians directly.
“We had a conversation with our fellow co-founder and CSO, Kit Muir-Rogers, who did it
extensive experience in the hospitality industry and could see the increased need for
entertainment reservations in places after the pandemic. We got in touch with Ed Francis, co-founder and CTO, with whom we worked on our existing AMV platform and the four of
we started GigPig.

The global pandemic of 2020 has resulted in severe financial losses for hospitality and
entertainment industries, creating an impact that is still seen today. GigPig’s goal is to
support both sectors, allowing musicians to manage their calendars, reservations and
billing, while allowing venues of all sizes to find suitable artists to entertain customers.

Kit Muir-Rogers added: “The hospitality and entertainment sectors are industries we know and
they love deeply, they are where our roots as a company reside. These sectors have dealt with the most
challenging trading period ever and are still sailing against strong headwinds in a high test period
landscape. Operators are trying to streamline the processes within their business that allow this
to scale and grow, with an emphasis on time and money spent.

“We are seeing a dramatic increase in venues looking to events like live music to increase
passing guests, encourage stay time and enhance the guest experience. We want to simplify and
support the return to commerce by demystifying this process for our users, challenging the road
entertainment is booked on-trade throughout the UK. I am incredibly proud to support
artists in finding more opportunities in their area and encouraging them to get full
autonomy in the way they are booked for concerts.

Michael continued: “Music is an integral part of a venue’s offering, but there is a third party
disbursement that is not necessary. With the adaptation of technology and industry experience we
they believe the future is giving venues the power to access the artist market and the book
their own concerts.

“We were disrupters at the time with AMV and with this investment we can build a great success
an effective sales and customer service team to do it again with GigPig.

GigPig is a management and booking platform that connects accommodation facilities
musicians across the UK. For more information visit or contact Kit Muir-
Rogers on [email protected]


Notes to editors

GigPig caters to all areas of a venue’s offering, from operations to finance to marketing. It
allows operations teams to view profiles of musicians and DJs, watch videos and listen
recordings to ensure the right fit for any concert chosen.

By working with a growing number of marketing partners incorporated across locations, GigPig helps
increase attendance at locations through targeted communications across multiple platforms using data
from all sources. The GigPig API can also be added to the site website and once an
artist has been booked, the venue’s “What’s on” page on their website will be updated in real time

Centralized billing and integration of the accounting platform will make the disconnection from Ops
to finance a thing of the past.

GigPig Secures Seven-Figure Pre-Seed Investment – UK Technology Investment News

Source link GigPig Secures Seven-Figure Pre-Seed Investment – UK Technology Investment News

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