Giant rat causes confusion among Spanish parliamentary politicians

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It is not uncommon for parliamentary turmoil among furious politicians and disagreements between political parties.

But this week, a series of proceedings were confused by animals, not parliamentarians.

The Andalusian local council in southern Spain was confused when it decided that a giant rat would appear.

Video footage aimed at recording important footage of the new appointment instead captured a lawmaker who was out of breath and jumped out of his seat to escape the rodent.

Local speaker Marta Bosque suddenly noticed the mouse on the podium and gasped.

When she covered her mouth in shock, others jumped out of their seats and looked around to see where the mouse went.

Some lawmakers were asked in the background begging people to stay calm, but they were mostly ignored.

Witnesses told local media that the mice running around under the chairs and tables were “quite big.”

Mice, not to scale, caused a turmoil in the Spanish Parliament this week (Photo: Andalusian Parliamentary Television / Getty Images)
Video footage of MP jumping out of the seat to escape rodents (Photo: Andalushia Autonomous TV).

Thankfully, the rat was able to leave the chamber after a brief interruption and continue as planned.

Elected members were reportedly trying to vote on whether to appoint former regional president Susana Diaz as a senator in the Andalusian region.

She won the vote a little later because of the rodents.

Last year there were many dramas in parliaments around the world. In particular, video calls were introduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Will Amos, one of the Canadian Parliamentarians, I realized I was in a dangerous position in front of my colleague In April he forgot to switch off the camera.

Amos, who has represented the Quebec district of Pontiac since 2015, appeared naked on the screen of a colleague at the House of Commons after running and changing clothes.

And with more local news, everyone in the UK will remember Handforth Parish Council Zoom Mayhem – I saw a substitute clerk saying “Stop talking” and “You are not authorized here”.

The clerk Jacki Weaver replied: ‘The chair simply declared himself a “clerk” and notified everyone of the incident.

“There is no way to stop him from calling himself a clerk. From now on, call me Britney Spears.”

Weaver created a sensation on the internet overnight, and her name became a trend on Twitter via hashtags such as “#JusticeForJackie.”

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Giant rat causes confusion among Spanish parliamentary politicians

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