Ghislaine Maxwell has launched a recruitment drive for new employees to answer the phone when she was a “trafficked girl”

Ghislaine Maxwell When she was allegedly trafficked to a girl, she posted a job ad to a new employee to answer the phone “during school holidays.” Jeffrey Epstein, The Daily Mail can be revealed today.

The ad was published in the Palm Beach newspaper. Florida – Where Epstein had his mansion – January 1997. The job seeker was given a phone number to call “Miss Maxwell”.

That number is consistent with what Maxwell gave to police at about the same time when he was stopped for a driving violation in the United States. She lived in Epstein’s “House of Sin”, her ex-boyfriend at 358 El Bulli Lowway on Palm Beach.

Details of the three job ads on Palm Beach Post and Palm Beach Daily News are on the eve of Maxwell’s trial in New York for children suspected of being sexually trafficked for pediatric sexual American financiers. It became clear to.

Lover: Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in New York City in 2005

She is currently being charged with six charges, including the temptation of minors and the sexual trafficking of children from 1994 to 2004. She violently denies all accusations. If convicted, she can be imprisoned for up to 80 years.

Newly discovered job ads about 25 years ago do not specify the gender desired by the applicant. One of the Palm Beach Posts on January 4, 1997 states: Call Miss Maxwell, 655-3704.

In 2016, Epstein’s whistleblower, called Johanna Schöberg, claimed in a testimony record that Maxwell recruited her to offer a big massage in 2001 when she was at the University of Palm Beach.

Miss Shoberg said she had the impression that she was hired as a personal assistant, but soon realized that her job was to provide Epstein with a “sexual massage.” Asked about his first encounter with Maxwell, Schoberg said:

“I told her where to go, and she asked me if I knew anyone who was interested in working for her.

According to Miss Shoberg’s testimony, Maxwell, 59, explained that she lives in Palm Beach and the butler is so stuffy that she doesn’t want a butler. So she liked to work at home, answer the phone, get a drink, and hire a girl to do the work the butler does.

In another encounter, she claimed to have advised Maxwell to “finish her job” while massaging at Epstein, according to court documents.

Miss Shoberg claims that Epstein was “punished” when he failed to orgasm as a result of a massage, and Maxwell claimed she needed her. [Maxwell] He wouldn’t be able to please him as much as he needed, and that’s why there were other girls around. A photography student at the time explained what Maxwell had said: I didn’t know until later that she had a camera.

“After I left, she called me,” I have a camera for you, but you didn’t come here and finish the job, so you can still receive it. I can’t. I had to finish it for you. “

When asked if that meant giving him an orgasm, she said:’Yes. She had to do that because she had hinted that I didn’t drop Jeffrey.

Miss Shoberg previously claimed that Prince Andrew groped her breasts in 2001 at Epstein’s house in New York with a doll with the image of his spit.

Whistleblowers: Virginia Juffre and Prince Andrew in London

Whistleblowers: Virginia Juffre and Prince Andrew in London

The Queen’s second son may have visited the pedophile’s property in an interview with the infamous BBC Newsnight two years ago, avoiding questions about the alleged case, but said, “No doubt, no doubt, no doubt. , No, no, no activity. “

Miss Shoberg was not the victim of Maxwell’s trial.

A job ad revealed by Maxwell sexes a 16-year-old girl called Annie Farmer, one of the four victims of her and Epstein’s testimony to a British social celebrity. I came a year after allegedly abused.

Miss Farmer’s sister Maria’s attempt to ask the FBI and police to investigate in 1996 failed, and Epstein was free to pursue his fall. Miss Farmer, who abandoned her anonymity last year, told the court that Maxwell was “never shown a grudge” and “a sexual predator.” Her testimony was a key factor in the judge’s decision to refuse Maxwell’s bail and keep her in a New York cell before the trial began in Manhattan today.

She is taken to court from Brooklyn’s strict Metropolitan Detention Center, where a six-week trial begins. She spent 17 months there, with her brother saying “degrading” and “corresponding to torture.”

In court documents, she revealed that she had secured an astonishing £ 5.2 million to pay the statutory costs. Her star defense team includes a former federal prosecutor who helped the drug trafficking organization go bankrupt and another former federal prosecutor whose scalp contains a mob murderer.

They have a team of proven prosecutors who have succeeded in a high-profile case against the formidable US law firm in Southern New York. Prosecutors will focus on four women who are said to have been hired by Maxwell as teenagers abused by Epstein. He committed suicide in prison in 2019 while awaiting a trial on sexual charges for a new child.

According to court documents, one of her accusers details Epstein’s “disgusting” sexual activity on her. Maxwell’s legal team opposed evidence about sex toys. The prosecutor will also compose an email allegedly sent by Maxwell to at least two “influential men” and set a date with the female.

Court filings claim that the message indicates that Maxwell “used her ability to provide access to women as a form of social currency.”

The prosecutor also said he would provide up to six pages of Epstein’s infamous “Black Book” contact information as “convincing” evidence of Maxwell’s crimes. They will claim that the book belongs to Maxwell and will produce witnesses to testify to its effectiveness.

Prince Andrew’s lawyer is expected to pay close attention to the proceedings of Maxwell’s trial. The now infamous photo taken at Maxwell’s former London Muse House shows radiant Andrew holding a 17-year-old Virginia Roberts bare on his hips. This photo is believed to have been taken by Epstein in 2001. Andrew states that he has no memory of the photographs taken or of his encounter with Miss Roberts, who is now 38 years old.

In 2011, Roberts (now married and living in Australia as Virginia Juffle) sensationally claimed to have met Andrew three times in 2001 in London and New York at the age of 17 in an email on Sunday. Since then, Jufre claims that Andrew has raped her and accused him of unspecified damage.

Last week she was confirmed not to be a witness to Maxwell’s trial. Andrew violently denies all allegations of her misconduct, including allegations that he slept with her.

Ghislaine Maxwell has launched a recruitment drive for new employees to answer the phone when she was a “trafficked girl”

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