Germany’s surge in Greens strengthens election competition for Merkel’s success | Germany

Five months before the national elections, the Greens, which once established themselves as rebels in German politics, are finding themselves in an unusually good position.

The party’s position in polls (2nd in 21-23% of the votes) means on Monday nominating a candidate for prime minister for the first time in 41 years of history. In addition, the candidate has a realistic opportunity to fill the top job in German politics by the end of the year.

The party, once notorious for its noisy conferences and ideological struggles, is in the hot stages of an election race with featureless unity while its closest competitor, the conservative CDU / CSU block, is calmly watching from bystanders. ____ is inside. Tear yourself Beyond the candidate’s own choice.

Green Party co-leaders Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock will be announced as candidates for the Green Party’s prime minister, embodying broader cultural changes within the party that first entered Congress in 1983. ..

Wolfgang Merkel, a political scientist at the University of Humboldt in Berlin, said:

“They are highly professionally organized and act with the aura of responsibility expected of political parties already in power,” Merkel told . “Greens used to look like they were looking for a program forever. Now they’re a party that looks like they’re looking for an office above all else.”

Unlike when the Ecological Party came to power with Gerhard Schroeder’s Social Democratic Party between 1998 and 2005, its front-row biography no longer permeates the anti-cultural politics of the 1968 student activism.

The 40-year-old Bearbock has a background in international law and spent years behind the scenes fine-tuning the party’s climate and foreign policy. Hrbek, 51, was a poetry translator, novelist and philosopher before serving as Deputy Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein from 2012 to 2017.

Some critics say their party is the most academic, culturally savvy, comfortable middle class and party for globalization winners than any other iteration so far. It’s mostly white, but not as much as most other German political parties. Fifteen percent of its representatives have an immigrant background, the second highest after the Left Party Dailinke.

The drift to the political center of Greens began in the last era of power that allowed Greens to deploy German troops in Kosovo with little mobilization against Schroeder’s labor market reforms.

But crustal movements have created a great deal of friction during the party’s pragmatics. Realo And left wing Fundi A faction that culminated in the 1999 special party convention when then foreign minister Joschka Fischer bombed in support of military involvement.

Under the leadership of Bearbock and Hrbek Fundis It became quiet until I couldn’t hear it.The pair has worked hard to break that image Verbotspartei, A party that wants to improve the world by law.

On the 2018 Bavarian election campaign trail, Hrbek developed a stage routine that began with lamenting the consumer’s absurdity that each household owns its own electric drill. This is a tool that is unlikely to be used for more than a few minutes during its lifetime. Hrbek’s Punchline: He himself bought an electric drill for each of his four sons as a birthday present.

The message was clear: here was a party that no longer pretended to be inherently more noble than its voters. In Bearbock’s words, the new Green is at the same time aiming for “radical and politicianness.”

While rising Friday for the future Helping bring Greens’ core subject to the top of the political agenda, the party has worked hard over the past decade to broaden its expertise, poaching talents such as former Pirate politician Marina Weissband. ..

Greens experts will attend a political talk show on digital rights, pandemic management, financial reform and security policy.

“Greens wasn’t just an environmental party,” said Taz journalist. Diegrüne Macht (“Green Power”), a book about the new green. “In the year of its founding, it also retailed opinions on disarmament, alternative economics, and women’s rights, but now the Greens manifesto is a full-range supermarket.”

This broad appeal is also reflected in the age of voters. When the party first entered the German parliament, most of its votes came from people between the ages of 18 and 24.

But since 2004, the strongest support in national elections Comes from the 49-59 segmentAlthough the party has not lost contact with young voters: in the 2019 European elections, Die Grünen It was the most popular party of all groups under the age of 45. And with 68 people currently pushed into the category over 70, the party can expect cross-generational supporters.

When it comes to choosing a candidate for prime minister, young people can still trump. Born in Hanover in 1980, Bearbock is seen as slowly gaining an edge over her co-leader last year.

Former tournament-level trampoline athletes are praised not only among traditional green voters, but also for her tenacity, motivation and thoroughness. “.

“Like her idol [Angela] Merkel, Bearbock, is more stubborn, tougher, and unobtrusive than most people would expect, “Wolf Poschart wrote.

Instead, choosing Hrbek as a candidate for Greens does not indicate a different political direction than a different style. A northerner from Lübeck, who has been a prolific writer since co-chairing the party, has announced two new non-fiction titles in the last three years, a new one for politicians to speak in public. Developed the method. Not only is he confident, he also speaks openly about his own shortcomings.

European green politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit supported Habeck in a recent Dai Zeit editorial, with green candidates saying, “If we can communicate style changes in line with previous political changes. I have a chance to win the election. ” Joe Biden began, Erdogan, Borusonaro, change to show Vladimir Putin, the Xi Jinping as yesterday’s man.

“Mutual agreements can be stronger than these influential people speculate,” said Cohn-Bendit, who has considerable support from former student leaders on behalf of Greens’ noisy old man. It was.

Germany’s surge in Greens strengthens election competition for Merkel’s success | Germany

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